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Andagali was used and dumped by the Government : Polye

Sacked PNG Power Chairman Larry Andagali
The LNG landowners and its Hela leaders will continued to be used and dumped by the government unless they begin to stand firm and demand for what’s theirs.
This is the message from the Leader of the Opposition, Don POMB Polye.
The warning by Mr Polye comes, following the sacking of PNG Power Chairman, Larry Andagali.
Mr Polye says Andagali’s sacking was coming as he was only used by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to diffuse the looming tensions among the landowners in regard to the delay in the payment of LNG royalty benefits.
Mr Polye says Mr Andagali should not be surprised of his sacking.
“Larry Andagali should not be crying over spilled milk. I warned them, I warned that they (Hela leaders) will be used and dumped but they failed to take heed of my warnings,” said Mr Polye.
Mr Polye says Larry was sacked because O’Neill saw him as an obsticle to the privitisation of the PNG Power.
“O’Neill is hell-bent to privatize PNG power without the knowledge of the citizens and even the blessing from Parliament and the National Executive Council,” said Mr Polye.
“O’Neill is on a crusade to privatize PNG Power Limited without a privatization policy or policy guidelines because of these reasons:
1. He does not want the people to be aware of what he is doing which is to privatize PNG power.
2. If what O’Neill is doing (privatization of PNG) is inconsistence with the policy guidelines, there will be a backlash against the government which the PM will not avoid.
The Opposition leader urged the country’s eight million people to see what the government is doing.
The Opposition leader says Hela leaders are foolish enough to believe O’Neill and this government as they will be used and dumped from time and time again.
“Hela leaders and its people will not win this game, until and unless they change their approach and realize they are only being used,” warned Mr Polye.
He says the government is on a crusade to privities all state owned entities and that it will continue to sack and dump those it see as opposing its crusade.
“This government does not care who it throws out on the street,” warned the Opposition Leader.
The Opposition Leader called for an Open forum with Mr Andagali and Hela leaders to discuss this issue.

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