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Polye : Allegations of Corruption, ill-decisions warrant removal of Prime Miniester O'Neill

A chain of allegations of corruption against the government and its unpopular decisions have warranted a removal of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, the Opposition Leader Don Polye says.

Mr Polye said the hallmark, signs and symptoms of economic mismanagement, undermining rule of law and systems of governance, erosion of democracy and rife in corruption among others indicated to the people of PNG that the motion of no-confidence against Mr O’Neill ‘was a need.’

“Is the motion of no-confidence warranted at present or are we doing it because we just want to? A no-confidence vote is warranted today than ever.

“We have seen every symptom; we have seen every indication that the Opposition has a duty to change the current government because of several issues. I have them all documented here. I would like to mention to you the law and order, economic and corruption issues which are before the government,” Mr Polye told reporters at a media conference in Port Moresby today (Monday).

Polye said the issues which warranted for the removal of the Prime Minister were;

1. PNG LNG revenues have been mortgaged through K3 billion UBS Loan
a. PM O’Neill kept lying about it until the Central Bank spilled the beans.
2. K2.5 billion Sovereign Bond Issuance to revive the economy failed
3. K78.1 million payment to Paraka Lawyers
a. PM O’Neill has been evading course of justice and breaching rule of law
4. K50 million payment for two second-hand generators without the Parliament’s approval 
a. Polye said when he was in power, he would establish a commission of enquiry into these issues and those responsible will face the full force of the law.
5. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has been referred to the Ombudsman Commission and other authorities, and leadership tribunal.
6. Exorbitant contract prices which are directly in breach of the Public Finance Management Act 
a. For example, the flyover was built at an excessive cost variations of over K320 million
7. Economic Mismanagement.
a. K50 million cut in church-run health services
b. Public Servant salary cut among others
8. Among others is K3 billion UBS without the Parliament’s approval, consequently the PM breached the Constitution.

“This means the O’Neill government is not doing the right thing in the best interest of the people.

“Therefore, the Opposition is doing for the people what must be done. We see the government is not running the economy properly,” he said.

Polye said it was a disturbing trend as a result of negligence by the government and its central agencies that supposed to be managing the economy are not doing their jobs.

“Our people’s interests are being overlooked and the economy being run down so the only right thing for the Opposition to do in the best interest of the country is to move a motion of No-confidence vote against the Prime Minister to save this country from these calamities.

“We have done the right thing. We have all the justified reasons and documented evidence to show,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said they had followed every requirement of the Constitution and the Standing Orders, adding all the signatures have been authenticated.

“Therefore, there is no reason for which this motion will not be entertained on the floor of Parliament as it is a matter of national interest. MONC is warranted and this is the time. We have done the right thing,” said Mr Polye at a media conference flanked by his deputy Sam Basil, Kikori MP Mark Maipakai and Laigap-Porgera MP Nixion Mangape.

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