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Young Samoan woman testifies to Easter weekend miracle

A young woman from Siufaga, Falelatai is claiming an Easter day miracle in what many bible scholars are describing as a sign of the times.

Toaipuapuaga Opapo says she has been experiencing the changes in her body since the Easter preparations began.

These changes were not easy to look at. She bled from the palm of her hands, and feet, her forehead bled with scars like those on the head of Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

"I have been having visions and I’ve seen things for the last week that I know are signs from God himself," she said.

Opapo enacted Jesus crucifixion during her youth group’s performance on Good Friday and during the play, she bled and started having scars similar to what Jesus had.

Pictures and testimony from her father who is a church minister for the EFKS church in Siufaga Falelatai showed the incredible marks on her body.

"I am a sinner just like you, but this sign and these marks on my body are a way to tell me that Jesus is the greatest healer," she said.

"I told my parents that on Friday I will be suffering a lot from the ordeal, and on Friday during the play I started bleeding, and I truly believe these were signs," she added.

Opapo believes the experience she went through, is a reminder to Samoa and she gladly bears a witness to his messages.

So what better way to spread the message than through the media.

Opapo’s story has been broadcast on television as well as radio and printed in the newspaper.

While there has been no official explanation about Opapo's condtition, her story of a miracle is also generating a lot of interest on social media.

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