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Cat dies, trips power supply to parts of Port Moresby

Power line in Nipa, SHP
The residents in parts of Port Moresby city, especially at Gerehu side are experiencing power outage after a cat got electrocuted at a power sub-station causing a trip in the system.
According to PNG Power, engineers discovered the fried body of the cat at the Kone power sub- station when investigating the cause of the blackout. Power engineers say this caused a trip in the power system which then affected the system at the Kanudi main power station resulting in the power outage.
The incident also raises questions as to what measures PNG Power has in place to keep animals from entering power facilities and causing situations like this.
Power engineers are currently working to fix the problem and have power back up and running soon.

Meanwhile ,PNG Power Limited (PPL) will soon add another 1000 plus customers to its current customer base of 2800 in Mendi, Southern Highlands province. 

This will be possible after the completion of the 80 kilometers 22KV power project, in the Nipa district. The power project will connect customers from Nipa into the Mendi Distribution Network. 

This project is funded by the National Government, with an independent contractor engaged for construction. Mr Ipmasua said PPL is only doing inspection over the work to meet PPL’s requirement. 

“This is a very important project funded by the government, and it will now boost our customers, as well as our revenue generation,” Mr Ipmasua said. 

Generation capacity at the moment for Mendi is 1.2 megawatts, taking its feed from the Ramu Grid and has a customer demand of 700 kilowatts. 

When Nipa is connected, the current generation capacity can cater for Nipa as well as Ialibu. 

Mr Ipmasua said this is an exciting time for the province, to see its outer districts soon to receive electricity supplies that can boost business activities and other key government services within those areas. 

He said the major customers that will rely heavily on the main PPL supplied power is the new Nipa General Hospital, the William Powi Centre, and the new Government staff houses. 

Mr Ipmasua also said that with this new 80km 22KV connection, they will also roll out the Easipay system in Nipa, as part of its current drive to minimize illegal connections within the province. 

He said this also minimizes threats by locals, to his officers, when they are out in the field to do meter readings and inspections. 

Mr Ipmasua is also thankful that PPL was also offered a location in Nipa, to have officers based there and do business as well as on standby for any technical needs in the district.

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