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High Demand for Contraceptive Implants

The North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP) has reported that there has been an increase in the number of women and teenage girls in the North Fly District in Western Province coming forward to get contraceptive implants as a family planning method.

The NFHSDP recently completed two MCH health patrols in the Ningerum catchment along the Kiunga – Tabubil highway and another along the Elewara and Mege River systems. Four villages in North and West Ningerum, including the Ningerum station, were visited; along the Elewara and Mege rivers, Gasuke aid post, Gasuke primary school, and Diahabi, Kwemenai, and Diahomsonai villages were visited.

Both patrols were conducted in partnership with the Provincial and District governments which saw the NFHSDP team visit government health facilities.

 NFHSDP MCH officers Veronica Kekae and Grace Lipen, reported that there was an increase of women and especially teenage girls wanting to receive contraceptive implants.

“The numbers of teenage girls in schools that want and received Implants are very good while older women also seek advice and get implants,” Ms Lipen explained.

NFHSDP started raising awareness on and administering contraceptive implants as a family planning method last year.

“More teenage girls in school are coming forward to get implants inserted and this is a result of proper consultation and awareness we did on this method of family planning.” Lipen explained.

The implant is a small rod the size of a match stick that is inserted in a woman’s inner upper arm, right under the skin. It works by releasing progestin, thereby preventing pregnancy, and can be removed at any time for normal fertility to return.

During the patrols, Kekae and Lipen were able to conduct child registration, nutritional assessments, immunizations, antenatal clinics, family planning clinics, including contraceptive implants, and distribute mosquito nets among other activities.  They were also able to give on the job training to health workers and village health volunteers on educating women on contraceptive implants as a form of family planning.

Sister in Charge of Ningerum Health Centre, Amoko Bidawa, said the patrols are important as the mothers need such health services.

“The NFHSDP has always assisted us in delivering basic health service to the people in this area especially the women and children in this MCH patrol. It is important for the mothers because some wait for weeks and even months for such services,” she said.

Sr. Amoko added that the NFHSDP partners well with the Ningerum health facility and others to carry out these patrols.

“They ease the workload we have and since NFHSDP started we have worked together successfully many times to carry out MCH patrols, family planning, immunization and other programs," she said.

The NFHSDP is funded by Ok Tedi Mining Limited, managed by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation and implemented by Abt JTA.

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