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Juffa congretulates PM O'Neill, urges him to review certain Policies and decisions

Commentary by Hon. Governor  Gary Juffa

Now that the  Vote of No Confidence VONC is over I would like to return to attending to my duties as a Governor.

I am NOT interested in pursuing this matter further because I have limited time and resources. To those in Opposition who wish to go on with this, you may be right but it may be impractical and costly. It is a cost I simply cannot afford!

The VONC showed that the PM has the confidence of the elected leaders in parliament. For whatever reason, they choose to remain steadfast in their support. The Opposition need to re-examine their strategies and carry on with the business of keeping the Government in check however it must do so intelligently and strategically and responsibly.

I am in Opposition that is a fact but I also support any positive efforts and any decisions by Government that are FOR THE PEOPLE AND FOR THIS COUNTRY.

My anger and outrage and dissent and protestation will be directed at the policies and decisions that ARE NOT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF OUR PEOPLE AND PNG.
To the Prime Minister Hon. PETER ONEILL, congratulations on your win. You have the power to ultimately protect and promote PNG interests..exercise it with caution and responsibility. You have some good Ministers and others who need replacing. Review that situation and do it as soon as possible.  As for myself, I humbly ask that you review the following and attend to it as soon as practicable:

- Consider stepping aside to focus on your cases. Many possible candidates can temporarily replace you till you sort this out.
- Reopen the academic year for UPNG and UOT asap.
- Loans and major decisions MUST
come before parliament. You have the
numbers anyhow but our constitution
demands it
- Overpriced contracts. The CSTB is NOT functioning transparently and in PNGs best interests with many suspicious contracts awarded under suspicious circumstances to suspicious entities. It is marginalizing many of our genuine investors and killing off many of our PNG companies. The people grow bitter and angry at this situation and hold you responsible somehow.
- Exploitation of our forests and marine
resources by dubious entities. Table the SABL Report and deal with the recommendations! Ban round log exports and force these companies to pay all their avoided taxes backdated with penalty! I am personally offering to help here for FREE!
- Stop Seabed Mining. We do not need it. It is an evil effort and will be to our detriment.
- Stop landgrabbing and deport those involved immediately.
- Tax. Only 30% of foreign companies and expat income earners pay tax today. Tax is avoided by companies in forestry fisheries real estate and consultancy as well as retail and wholesale outlets! Design and structure a PNG centric tax system to give relief to PNG workers and companies and develop an aggressive modern tax regime that will ensure payment of taxes by all who earn an income and generate a profit especially those who currently avoid taxes! Remove all taxes for retirement and resignation benefits for PNGeans. Consider lowering company taxes to a reasonable rate. You will find more companies will be willing to pay and with a modern tax system you can maximize collections. Again I will help here for FREE!
- Review our free Education and Health. It is of such poor quality it is NOT doing justice to our people. The Departments managing and administrating are NOT effective and efficient and allow much leakage of funds and poor delivery of services leading to poor literacy, ignorance and a population at a disadvantage and unhealthy.
- Agriculture and tourism MUST be given more attention and support with National Strategies for creating Agricultural and Tourism hubs in PNG for our people to earn a living.
- Our public services are outdated and ineffective for service delivery. It is too cumbersome and costly and is failing us all. Good public servants are marginalized and civil servants are replaced by evil serpents. All we wish to achieve can only be realized with an EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT TRANSPARENT LEAN WELL PAID MODERN PUBLIC SERVICE MACHINERY THAT IS ACCOUNTABLE AND BASED ON MERIT AND PERFORMANCE INDICATORS. Revamp and modernize our public service by implementing the recommendations in the report to modernize and corporatize our public services proposed and delivered by the Public Service Review Committee.
- Table the Finance Inquiry and act on the recommendations
- Develop a National Security policy and revamp our INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY to be a more effective tool in providing quality timely intelligence for decision making. I will also help here for FREE.
- Modernize our Police and Defense Forces Customs Migrations Authorities to be lean and effective and deliver quality justice and protection of our citizens and our resources. Again I am available to assist for FREE.
- Protect our jobs and businesses. Shut down and deport all those illegally operating in PNG. LABOR AND MIGRATION need to be out doing this ASAP. Again I offer my contribution free.
- Attend to the growing violence in our society especially against women and children and design strategies for awareness and education to counter and prevent and eradicate this horrible phenomenon.

Of course there are many areas of concern that I have not listed but these are the issues I suspect concern our people most.
Finally, people of Papua New Guinea..this is our only home...only we can truly make it the best possible home we want it to be..this can be done if we all make the effort. If we refrain from littering and loitering and negative use of resources, poor use of time and ourselves...if we can focus on positive efforts, cleanliness, productivity and responsible behaviour and respect for ourselves, each other and the law.
We are all but humans, capable of mistakes but also learning from them.
We can do it.

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