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PM O'Neill's PNC Party educating Papua New Guineans

Education has the power to change our entire nation and improve all aspects of our lives. Since PNG gained independence politicians and political parties have all made various promises about schooling our children, but generations continued to grow up without adequate opportunities. The PNC is proud that it has been able to succeed where others have failed for almost 40 years. We are finally laying the ground work with our Tuition Fee Free policy. You don’t have to take our word for it though, the Development Policy Centre had this to say about our policy, “the 2012 Tuition Fee-Free (TFF) policy has been more clearly communicated, better organised and funded, and has lasted longer than previous policies.”

Whereas previous governments recognised the importance of universal education any attempt made to remedy this national issue was always highly politicized, short term and ultimately unsuccessful. Despite previous attempts taking place in kinder economic times when the then government was running large surpluses, they failed to manage the financial and operational challenges that accompany such a large project. Only this current PNC led government has had the ability to make education for all a reality, and while it has been a difficult task this government has made progress at a rate never seen in our country’s history.

This is a case where the results and statistics about our work speak for themselves. The O’Neill government is allocating almost K600 million each year through to the Tuition Fee Free program, and is set to invest K2.7 billion total over this political term. Since 2012 the number of students attending Primary Education full time has increased by almost 300,000 and is for the first time about to break 1 million concurrent students. This is a 45% increase in just four years, with the total number of children across all levels of schooling doubling. The country is training primary and secondary teachers to a higher standard and at a faster rate, with 2015 seeing over 2500 new teachers graduate and enter the work force.

There are more children at school, especially young girls who had previously never received opportunities. The standards that teachers are being held to are improving, and teachers are getting better training. We have come a long way but there is still a lot to do. The People’s National Congress is the party of education, together we can create a smarted PNG. #PNC4PNG

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