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The list of members in The Alliance camp in Kokopo

Below is the list of members in the  Alliance Camp in Kokopo as reported by PNGTV live. The Alliance camp is yet announce their candidate for the Prime Mininster post.

1. Walter Schaubelt-NA
2. Alan Bird-NA
3. Dr Allan Marat-MLP
4. Gary Juffa-PMFC
5. Joe Sungi-NA
6. John Simon-NA
7. Salio Waipo-NA
8. Peter Iso Aimo-NA
9. Richard Mendani-NA
10.Richard Mesere-NA
11.Bryan Krammer-PANGU
12.Chris Nangoi-PANGU
13.Konni Iguan-PANGU
14.Kobby Bomorea-PANGU
15.Kennedy Wenge-PANGU
16.Rainbow Paita-PANGU
17.William Samb-PANGU
18.Thomas Pelika-PANGU
19.Lekwa Gure- INDEPENDENT
20.Henry Amuli-INDEPENDENT
21.Geoffrey Kama-THE PARTY
22.Moriape Kavori-THE PARTY
23.Ian Ling Stuckey- N.A. PARTY
24.Timothy Masiu-N.A.
25.William Nakin-NA
26.Isi Henry Leonard-PNG Party
27.Joseph Lelang-Coalition Reform Party
28.Joseph Yopiyopi-MAP
29.Ross Seymour-NA PARTY
30.Robert Naguri-NA PARTY
31.Peter Sapia-PNG PARTY
32.Tony Wouwou-PNG PARTY
33.John Rosso-Independent
34.James Donald- PPP
35.Seki Agisa-Independent
36.Taboi Awi Yoto-URP
37.Lukas Dekena-PNG Party
38.Dr Lino Tom-Independent
39.Sir Mekere Morauta-Independent
40.Kerenga Kua-PNGNP
41.Robert Agorobe-Independent
43.Patrick Pruiatch-NA PARTY
44.Ginson Soanu-PANGU

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