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O’Neill: Government House plays vital role

Government House plays a vital role in important government decisions regarding the future of our emerging nation, says Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill. Government House hill at Konedobu is the official residence of the Governor-General, the Queen’s representative since independence in 1975. Before that it was the home of colonial Australian administrators.

Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill highlighted Government House’s historical significance during the opening of a new state-of-the-art Governor-General’s office complex yesterday. "I am honored to officiate at the opening of the new Government House as it is an historic occasion as we celebrate at this site which the first Government House stood in 1886.

"In 1913, Acting Administrator of the then territory of Papua built a house on the other side of this hill, which is now known as the State House. "It was at this house that important government decisions were made regarding the future of our emerging nation.” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said during this transition period, the people referred to the Government House as Government Headquarters.

"A lot of history has been unfolded on this hill by many historical figures therefore as we celebrate our 39th independence, it is a good opportunity to reflect on what great Papua New Guineans have achieved in a place such as the Government House.

"This house will continue to serve our government and our people now and into the future," he added. The new look administration building will be named after the Governor-Generals official secretary Tipo Vuatha as Vuatha Haus.

It is designed by DB ARCH, an architecture company, and constructed by Matrix Constructions. PNG is part of the Commonwealth Countries whose head of State is the Queen.

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