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Opposition’s View of Foreign Expertise is a Demonstration of Racism and Fear

The Prime Minister has expressed serious concern in relation to a press statement issued by the Leader of the Opposition in which Mr Polye cast aspersions on the appointment of a highly respected member of the international business community.
In his statement, Mr Polye attacked the appointment of the new CEO and Managing Director of Ok Tedi Mining Limited, Mr Peter Graham CBE.
"This nonsense reeks of racism and fear from an Opposition Leader who does not understand the world at large,” Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said when hearing of the comments.
"Peter Graham has made a much more positive contribution to our country than Mr Polye has ever done. "Mr Graham has an outstanding reputation in the international resources sector, oversaw the successful construction of the PNG LNG project, and has achieved a great deal for this nation.
“He also has an important role on the Port Moresby General Hospital Board that has revived the hospital to deliver much better healthcare to Papua New Guineans.”
The Prime Minister said while the Government is delivering benefits from the global economy, the opposition Leader is trying to exploit negative racial attitudes that will only set the country back.
"This nation can benefit from engaging respected people with decades of international experience, and we will draw on their knowledge.
"There are certainly foreigners we do not want in this country because they come here to exploit and carpet bag - and those people do not last long before the welcome mat is withdrawn.
"The strength of our nation means that we can choose which foreigners come and work in Papua New Guinea. This is just as it is in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom when they appoint foreigners to important positions in their countries.
"Shame on Mr Polye for this sad demonstration of racism, fear and ignorance of the needs of modern Papua New Guinea in the global economy.”

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