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PNC Party raises over K6 million at Fundrasing dinner

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's Peoples National Congress Party (PNC)  has raised over 6million kina at the party's fundraising dinner last night at the  Sir John Guise Indoor Complex. Guests included cabinet ministers, coalition partners, business houses, diplomats, heads of SOE's and government agencies. Jokema and Tina Arena also belted out on stage some of their best hits.The Prime Minister and Party leader boasted of his Govt's performance in the last couple of years in education, health, infrastructure including at least 3 billion kina to all districts in the last 4 years. " As a result in the recent leaders summit, you could see for yourselves, govt services reaching some of the remotest parts of the district" he said during his speech. He told supporters last night that the support shown by those who attended was appreciated by millions around PNG. "Our economic growth is an envy for many around the world and continue to be sound and healthy." The PM urged everyone to believe in ourselves and we must work together and ensured more after 2017.

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