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PNG police open fire on protesting students

students with gun shots taken away by ambulance. 

Four students were shot and one reportedly dead while 3 in critical condition  when police opened fire on  protesting university students in Port Moresby today.

The protesting students attempted to march from the University of Papua New Guinea to Parliament  House this morning, but police stopped them leaving the campus.

The students have been protesting for five weeks against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's handling of corruption allegations and management of the economy.

They said about 1,000 of them had tried to board buses at 7:00am to hold a peaceful demonstration outside the PNG Parliament, but were stopped by police.

When they tried to march to Parliament instead, they said a line of police blocked their path and demanded they hand over the student union president for arrest.

The students refused and said police then opened fire directly into the crowd.

Meanwhile, mothers, parents, guardians and the general public are mourning for the students who lost their lives.

Mothers on the streets of  Port Morsby are mourning for the students who lost their lives.

According to reports from the Port Moresby General Emergency Ward, several students are admitted to the hospital. Few are in critical conditions while others are being treated with minor injuries. ...more to come

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