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PNG Tourism Minister Kulang opens Alotau Water Front Lodge

PEOPLE travelling to Alotau will now be able to enjoy their stay at the new lodge, Alotau Water Front Lodge, recently opened by the Minister for Arts, Tourism and Culture Tobias Kulang. 

The new lodge consists of 17 rooms and is testament to the dedication and commitment by the Igara family in supporting and promoting the growth of tourism in the province. Mr Kulang said Milne Bay province has a very unique case and that he perceived the tourism industry will grow to sustain up to 30% of the province’s GDP in the not too distant future. 

“Therefore, it is imperative that the critical stake holders must make every effort to put in place the necessary building blocks to ensure this growth because the province has an opportunity like none other in this nation and even with the Pacific region,” he said. He added that the province should maintain its isolated status and should not connect with road infrastructure with other provinces due to the fact that its isolation becomes a selling point as the retreat destination of the country. “We need this in the country where we can escape to for rest and to recuperate. 

Every country needs their quite place. PNG is beginning to understand the strategic nature of this industry and is beginning to increase its efforts through increased levels of funding through budgetary support by the national government in last two years. “However, more needs to be done to effectively tap into the largely untapped potential the country has,” he said. He said this country must use the opportunities it has now through the gains from the mineral and hydrocarbon industries to make quick and meaningful interventions into sustainable industries like tourism and agriculture to create long term economic sustainability. “We need to rise up now and sell ourselves systematically to the world,” he said.

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