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PM O'Neill Warns Opposition not to Tarnish Constitutional Offices

The Prime Minister  Peter O’Neill  has cautioned the Opposition Leader saying that he must respect the Electoral Commission as a Constitutional Office of the nation, and not try to drag it into politics.
PM O’Neill made the comments after the Leader of the Opposition made inappropriate remarks about the independence and integrity of the Electoral Commission.

"It his highly disrespectful, and goes against the nature of our democracy, for the Leader of the Opposition to seek to tarnish the reputation of the Electoral Commission as he has done,” the Prime Minister said.
“The Opposition have to respect the fact that the Electoral Commission must remain separate from political debate and be allowed to deliver its mandated job without fear or favour.
“The language the Opposition Leader used in relation to the Electoral Commission was childish and not what the nation expects of a Leader.
“Particularly as we prepare for the nation to go to elections in only a few months, the Electoral Commission should be able to go about its work without distraction.
"I call on the Opposition to be sensitive to the Constitutional Offices of our nation and to accord them the respect that they deserve."
The Prime Minister said the 2017 National Elections will be delivered in an efficient and effective manner right across the country.

“National elections are the opportunity for our people to have their say and elect the Members of their choosing,” the Prime Minister said.
“The Nation’s Electoral Commission has been preparing for this election since 2012, and I am confident that 2017 elections will take place in a transparent way that will deliver certainty for our people.

“We cannot allow the wastage and exorbitant cost that was seen at previous elections to continue.
“The 2017 national elections will be delivered within budget, in a safe and secure environment and the integrity of this process will be maintained.”
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