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DSIP Investment in Education Highlighted in Prime Minister O'Neill's District

The Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Hon. Peter O’Neill  said education is the number one priority in his district.

He said this is being demonstrated with another K500,000 in DSIP funding being committed to education in the district, with this being invested in the new Apenda Provincial High School.
The Prime Minister made the comments at the ground breaking ceremony for the school.
“The People’s National Congress Party-led Government is fully committed to our Tuition Fee Free Education Policy and to building education from the grass-roots up,” the Prime Minister said.
“Our government will continue to invest in education through all provinces in the country, and Apenda High School is no different as it is the future of our children.

“Free education, alongside universal healthcare, will continue after the 2017 National Elections as we are confident we will be returned to form Government in August.
“Our government will make sure we remove the burden on parents and continue with free education.
“People campaigning against our Government want to get rid of free education and get rid of free healthcare, and this will only hurt our people.

“Education and healthcare should not be used to play politics like our opponents are trying.
“I want to warn you, the people of our nation, that the first thing a different government will do after the 2017 national election is to make you pay for schooling.
“A different Government will abandon Tuition Fee Free Education and this will place the burden back on every family in our country.
“I challenge the parties not committed to education to think twice as the people have given the People’s National Congress their support for free education.
“If our opponents have their way, free education will be gone and our children will not have a bright future.”

The Prime Minister commended the people and community leaders of Apenda, and the Ialibu-Pangia District, for investing in education using District Services Improvement Program funding to build new and maintain existing schools in the District.

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government has also made counterpart funding of K600,000 to upgrade the existing Apenda Primary school into the New Apenda Provincial High School.
PM O’Neill was accompanied by Southern Highlands Governor,  William Powi , and Member for Mendi,  Dei Kewanu .
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