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Kekeaka Community Government declares referendum ready

Ex Combatants from the Kereaka community Government yesterday declared their Community Government Weapons free and Referendum ready after destroying 13 Guns and Bullets at their reconciliation ceremony at KURAIO Catholic Parish.
The ceremony was witnessed by The Chairman of the ABG Parliament’s Referendum Committee, JOSEPH WATAWI and the member for Teua, CHARLES KAKAPETAI, the former ABG Speaker, Andrew Miriki and the Chairman of the Kereaka Community Government plus the local Priest and the people of Kereaka.
Commanders of former Resistance, BRA and the Mekamui fighters made the declaration in public after going through an emotional reconciliation ritual which included former fighters and the women of Kereaka.
The ceremony also included singsing kaur and stringband groups who sang of a better future after referendum.  New Dawn FM/Photo
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