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Grand Coalition calls for Solomon Islands PM Sogavare to resign

The Grand Coalition group has issued a statement calling for the resignation of Manasseh Sogavare as Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

This according to the group, comes following what was notably from public disprove over Sogavare’s election victory as PM, which started as a peaceful protest, but later turned violent.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Coalition Leader Matthew Wale stressed that in light of the events of the past few days, their group felt it is important that they come out again in the media to assist in finding solutions to the current political impasse.

In the statement, Wale pointed out that the people have spoken out loud and clear, and the message is that the people do not have confidence in the newly elected Prime Minister and his group forming the next government for our country.

Wale said that as Members of Parliament, when the people of this country speak, leaders have a duty to listen and listen carefully to what they are saying.

“This duty to listen requires you and me, as representatives of our peoples in Parliament, to look beyond our self interests and internal differences to find solutions in trying times.

“Let us think of the importance of securing peace, law and order, for the sake of all our tribes, families and friends.

“It is for this reason and having given it a lot of thought and prayer that I, on behalf of the Grand Coalition group call upon the newly elected Prime Minister to respect the call by our peoples and voluntarily resign immediately.

“If there is a time when he needs to demonstrate true leadership, this is that time for the new Prime Minister to do that,” the GC group leader stressed.

He further called on all Members of Parliament in the Prime Minister’s group to also listen to the people’s call.

Wale then urged his fellow Members of Parliament that if there is a time when they need to exercise their own judgment in favour of the people who voted them into Parliament, “this is that time”.

“Listen to your people and respect their wishes by doing the right thing.

“Finally, let me conclude by again reiterating my earlier call for our people to respect the rule of law and to allow for legal processes to determine how we deal with our concerns,” Wale added.

He said while it is true that everyone has the right to express our views, it is important also that people do so within the bounds of the law and their customary norms, practices and values.


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