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PNG Opposition seeks People's support to oust PM O'Neil

Several members of the Papua New Guinea  Opposition will be travelling to various towns in the country beginning this week to speak to the people about their reasons for leaving the O'Neill-Abel Government, and why they propose to move a Vote of No Confidence against the prime minister.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer said this when commenting on an invitation from Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, to travel with him to Enga Province.

The  Opposition and Alternative Government  is also asking 800,000 people living in and around Port Moresby to stop work on Tuesday, 28th May 2019 and join them on our walk to Parliament.

''If you have had enough of corruption, enough of foreign cronies becoming millionaires overnight on your tax money, influx of Chinese nationals taking over jobs, land and small business, while our people continue to live in settlements, hospitals remain without medicine, schools without teachers or teaching supplies, increased cost of living, escalating law and order issues, then please don't go to work or school on Tuesday 28th May 2019, and instead join the walk to Parliament''.

Mr Kramer said they plan to hold similar gatherings in Lae, and a final one in Port Moresby, before Parliament resumes on the 28th of this month.

Mr Kramer said due to timing, they will not be visiting all provinces in the country, but he believes the outcome of the Enga and Lae trips, will give them a clear picture of what the people of Papua New Guinea want.

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