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NCDC Denies K500 thousand contract to Security Firm

The National Capital District Commission has refuted claims of awarding a contract of 500-thousand Kina per month to a security firm at the newly-opened Gordon's market in Port Moresby.

City Hall, Port Moresby. Photo by Filbert Nara

City Manager, Bernard Kipit, said this following recent reports on social media.

Mr. Kipit said if there was an award of such an amount, then this would be an act of insanity with a corrupt and criminal intent.

He said the NCDC is spending between 90 and 100-thousand Kina a month for security arrangements at the New Zealand-funded market involving 80 guards working shifts.

He said this engagement is only temporary while a long term contract is being worked out.

Mr. Kipit wants security firms to follow the proper public tender process in compliance with the requirements of the National Procurement when applying for long term security contracts at the market.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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