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Bougainville Featured on Korean TV

 The Autonomous Region of Bougainville was featured on KBS, a public broadcasting station of the Republic  of Korea for the first time.

In the special documentary titled 'Reading Culture in Young Koreans', which aired on KBS 1TV on 21st

October in 2022, reported on the publication story of [Bougainville, The Island Given By God], a book  that introduces the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

In this documentary, CEO Geun-Su Kim, who currently runs BOU&KO Ltd, a public enterprise in

Bougainville, appeared to explained the history, economy, society, and culture of Bougainville in detail.

Also, after 12 visits to Bougainville, he wrote the book about Bougainville, [Bougainville, The Island Given]

By God which was published in Korean and English. According to writer, the book is scheduled to be

published in November.

Morae-al LLC, a startup founded by university students who successfully published [Bougainville, The

Island Given By God] in the Republic of Korea, said that they will take the lead in promoting and

spreading the potential and beauty of Bougainville to Korea and the world through various media.

※ Attached: 3  photos excerpted from KBS1 TV broadcast on 21 October 2022, Book cover images

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