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Papua New Guinea's cash flow ok : Vele

The Secretary for Treasury, Dairi Vele, said there is NO cash flow problem facing the country.
He said this in response to concerns that public servants, including politicians, are not being paid on time.
Staff of the NBC and Parliamentary Services got their fortnightly pay a week later.
While the rest of the public servants are waiting to get theirs as of late this afternoon, or by end of the week.
Bank South Pacific in a public notice has advised of the delay in receiving pay files for the Government main pay file and Education Department file, and that it is working with relevant Departments to resolve this matter. It provided no further explanation.
But Dairi Vele told NBC News on the sidelines of the Leaders Summit today, Treasury will find out why agencies are NOT paying their staff salaries.
"Ye look, there's two things, a lot of the agencies that are talking, they are the ones that manages their own payroll. The agencies that are manage from the main government payroll, we had no problems. So I think we need to find out whats going on in those agencies themselves, that they are not paying their own staff. WHEN ASKED WHETHER PAY DELAY RELATES TO CASH FLOW?...Vele replied, No, no, its NOT a cash flow at issue at all. Like, I said, there's, the central payroll it runs automatically, so it just goes. Thats for the main government agencies, thats for everybody, but there are some agencies, if you see, Parliament and NBC for example. they run their own payroll. So their managers obviously make a decision not to pay them or they are making a decision not to pay their staff or they do something else with it. So again we are concern about it coz every Papua New Guinean should be given their pay for the honest day's work, but will ask them whats going on with their payroll, but its not the central government issues, those are departments that manage their own funds and pay their own staff."

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