Ramu Nickel Mining accused of Ignoring Community obligations

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The Ramu Nicco Mine Management has been accused of ignoring its community obligations to the mine impacted villages at the mine site, along the pipeline and at the refinery at Basamuk at Raikos District of Madang Province.

Basamuk Landowners Association Chairman Steven Saud says communities in the impacted areas still lack the basic necessities of power and water supply which is a must for mine impacted areas.

He says it is the landowners who own the land and they have every right to such services which the company must provide through its community obligations program and given a fair treatment of developments in their area.

Mr. Saud says they have also missed out on the business aspect of the mine through spin offs where the Landowners should be given the opportunity to participate and they have suffered for the past 13 years which is utterly unjust as royalties are one off and through spin offs, they will fully benefit.

He says he will support the Kurumbukari landowners at the mine site to shut down water supply to the mine if their demands to the Ramu Nicco Management are not met.

West Papua independence leader urges calm after killings

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The exiled leader of the West Papuan independence movement has called for calm after independence fighters attacked and killed up to 31 people in a remote West Papuan district on Sunday.

On Thursday the Indonesian military said it had retrieved 16 of the bodies from the district of Nduga, which would be sent to the main town of Timika. None were identified.

Benny Wenda, the chair of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), said it was hard to know exactly what happened at Nduga, amid conflicting reports on the long-running tensions, and without free access for media or human rights groups.

Indonesian authorities, which have not responded to requests for comment from the Guardian, have said civilian construction workers were killed by separatist militants.

Independence movement the Papuan liberation army, TPNPB, under commander Egianus Kogeya, claimed responsibility but said those killed were all members of the Indonesian military (TNI).

Wenda told the Guardian he couldn’t stop the liberation army but wanted to tell them the UMLWP wanted to solve the issue “diplomatically”. “We don’t want any bloodshed, we want Indonesia to come to the international table to discuss and we can agree to a referendum that’s what our campaign is about,” he said.

“In order for us to fix what is going wrong we have to know the truth, but we cannot trust the Indonesian government’s account about Nduga, or any incidents in regard to West Papua, and this is a problem.”

If the dead were not military the incident would mark the first time West Papuan fighters have fatally attacked civilians, and an extraordinary escalation in the more than 50-year-old conflict.

Wenda said Indonesia had a history of “creating violence” and using it to justify an increased military presence, and that this incident occurred just days after Indonesia arrested more than 500 people, reportedly including Indonesians, at West Papuan independence rallies.

“Indonesia has seen that ordinary Indonesian people have come out in support of our rights, and it sent a strong signal,” said Wenda. “Then, just after that, this incident happened. That’s a little bit of concern to me.”

Translations of TPNPB social media posts, accounts from members of the independence movement and local media reports suggest 24 men were killed in the initial attack while five of seven escapees were then tracked down and killed.

Two are believed to be still missing, according to Victor Yiemo, international spokesman for campaign group the West Papua national committee, KNPB.

Neither Yiemo nor Wenda have been able to contact members of the TPNPB, who are believed to have retreated into the jungle, but Yiemo said villagers nearby told him there was continued shooting between the two sides.

He accused Indonesia of dominating media with propaganda calling TPNPB “terrorists”.

“[TPNPB] are our military and are fighting for our freedom and we support them.”

Jason Mcleod, a lecturer in peace and conflict studies at the University of Sydney, said retaliation by Indonesian forces would likely be “swift and deadly”, with widespread civilian casualties. Indonesian media reported conflict had already begun.


Pacific push for Albacore measures at WCPFC meeting in Hawaii: Preview

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By Pita Ligaiula in Waikiki, Hawaii

Proposals on important measures for albacore tuna – the most important tuna for temperate Pacific countries - are expected to be prioritised by Pacific nations at this year’s Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii next week.

Last year the meeting in Manila, Philippines, failed to reach agreement on Albacore tuna.

Albacore is vital to countries such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and other members of the Tokelau Arrangement.

Because large quantities of albacore are also caught in international waters, the Pacific fishing industry will only be profitable if the WCPFC sets strong fishing rules.

A target reference point (TRP) - an ideal stock level from which future decision-making takes its cue – is the starting point for all rule-making.

The WCPFC has committed to set a TRP for Albacore at this meeting.

Tropical tuna species - skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye - will also be high on the agenda.

The 26 nations that govern the world’s biggest fishery left it to the last minute to agree to new rules for the three economically crucial tropical tuna species at last year’s WCPFC meeting.

The adoption of a new Tropical Tuna Bridging Measure was designed to ensure skipjack, bigeye and yellowfin tuna stocks are maintained at recent average levels and capable of producing maximum sustainable yield.

The Tropical Tuna Measure, which regulates a catch worth billions of dollars, is a three-year agreement but some of its provisions are due to expire this year.

With the latest science easing concern about fish numbers there is expected to be a push by distant water fishing nations to increase their catch.

Pacific nations are also expected to step up the fight against Illegal Unreported Unregulated (IUU) fishing.

WCPFC has committed to approve a new conservation measure to protect sharks.

After last year’s tense late night meeting the WCPFC praised the 27 nations for staying the course to agree on the Tropical Tuna Measure and the highlighted the role of Japan, in particular to broker deals and work in the margins to reach consensus at last year’s meeting in Manila.

Commission Chair Rhea Moss-Christian started looking to the future.

“My goals for 2018 are to secure the south pacific albacore management framework including the target reference point, which is important to a number of the South Pacific, members, and to give a comprehensive management plan in place for sharks and manta rays,” she said in late 2017.


Lady Hannah Dadae dies

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It is with great sadness that the Office of the Governor General – Government House hereby informs the people of Papua New Guinea of the passing of Lady Hannah Dadae, wife of Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae.

Acting Official Secretary Mr. Bill Toraso has confirmed that Lady Hannah passed away from a short illness at around 2pm yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 4h December 2018, in Brisbane, Australia.

Lady Dadae had been receiving medical treatment for the past three months when she succumbed to her illness yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 4h December 2018).

Lady Dadae was a teacher by profession and had taught in schools throughout Morobe province for 29 years before retiring a few years ago.

After retirement, Lady Dadae became involved in charitable and Christian ministry which she continued to pursue when Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae became the Governor General.

Lady Dadae was passionate about issues affecting women and children which she advocated and spoke passionately about throughout her travels with the Governor General.

Lady Dadae had been hosting Christian fellowship with female prisoners at Bomana Prison and had announced her intention to extend fellowship to female prisons throughout the country.

Lady Hannah Dadae comes from Garaina in Morobe Province. She was 53 years old. Lady Dadae is survived by Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae and their five children.

The body of the late Lady Dadae will return to Port Moresby on Friday, December 7th accompanied by Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae. Funeral arrangements will be announced soon after. Statment

Papua New Guinea's Ox & Palm hits Fijian shelves

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Ox & Palm Papua New Guinea, a subsidiary of the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company Kraft Heinz, have announced after lengthy of negotiations between themselves and potential suppliers, the iconic brand is now available on shelves in Fiji as of last month.

Steve Woods, National Head of Sales and Marketing for Kraft Heinz Hugo Canning said that “After several visits to Fiji this year to meet with potential wholesalers and retailers and as well as with the responsible Fiji government departments, we are pleased to be able to confirm that PNG’s Ox & Palm Corned Beef is available to consumers in Fiji”.

“It what has been a long process, and with the full approval of the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) and our trading partners Morris Hedstorm Supermarkets, the first container of Ox & Palm arrived in Fiji and is available on shelves last month.”

The success in Fiji now means that Ox & Palm from PNG is now available in three countries around Pacific Region (Solomon Island, Vanuatu, and Fiji).

Betty Mumbru, import and export manager for Kraft Heinz Hugo Canning also added “We are always proud to be able market our PNG Business Product outside PNG. It is a great moment for PNG Business and for PNG People in general”.

“We are also continuing our plans to expand the brand throughout the Pacific region and we hope to make our products available in Tonga and Samoa in 2019”.

“We would also like to show our gratitude to Carpenters Fiji Limited who through their Morris Hedstorm Supermarket group, will partner up with Kraft Heinz Hugo Canning to distribute OX&PALM through their 13 stores in FIJI," Betty add.

The entry of Ox & Palm into the Fijian market signals a good sign of improved relations not only in the business fronts but also on government regulatory front since 2016 when the product was subject to a trade row between the governments of both Melanesian countries.


Paska Concerned UPNG VC Selection ‘Tainted’

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The PNG Trade Union Congress has expressed grave concerns about the governance process at the University of Papua New Guinea.

PNGTUC president John Paska said reports coming out of the university painted a very disturbing picture which gave cause for alarm over administrative anomalies which were apparently being swept under the carpet because people were either too apprehensive to expose them or too comfortable to care.

“I am here not only as president of the PNGTUC but also as a concerned sponsor of students at UPNG and other institutions,” Mr Paska said.

“A case in point relates to the present assessments and interviews being conducted to appoint a new vice-chancellor.

“All citizens desire that a new competent vice-chancellor be confirmed and that such person is of the highest integrity.

He should also be a person of good standing that passes the fit and proper persons test.

“Seven persons were shortlisted. We do not question their rights to apply for the position. However what we are compelled to question of the impartiality, governance processes and guidelines that were used to do the selection.

“A conspicuous inclusion for instance is the names of an applicant who has been the subject of much criticism over his role in the use of an amount of K23 million which remains unacquitted and accounted for.

“It is bad enough that large amounts of money have apparently been inappropriately used. What is mine boggling is why with such knowledge in hand was it still possible for such a person to slip through the selection process to get his name on the shortlist.”  Press Release

PNG Geologist awarded scholarship under new partnership

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Geologist Ivano Ivano has been awarded a scholarship to undertake a Master of Science (Petroleum Geoscience) at the University of Adelaide in Australia next year.

Ivano, from Eastern Highlands Province, was nominated by his employer, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited.

Ivano was selected as a result of his outstanding performance and the leadership potential he has shown in his workplace.

“I am very grateful to my employer Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Santos Limited and the Australian government for this privilege to further my studies. Such partnerships are needed to help facilitate progress and development of nationals in PNG and I am humbled to be given this opportunity,” he said.

He is the first recipient under this new partnership between the Australian government and Santos Limited.

Australian High Commissioner, Bruce Davis, said the award is a great example of the public and private sectors collaborating to support national growth.

“Mr Ivano exemplifies this award through his leadership and drive within Kumul Petroleum. He is a fine example of this public private partnership building leadership and capacity to the natural resources sector,” Davis stated.

Ivano’s study will include industrial training in one of Santo’s operations.

Santos Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gallagher said Santos is passionate about investing in local human resources, not only in the communities where it operates, but also in national staff who work in PNG’s oil and gas sector.

Gallagher stressed the importance of building capability within the local workforce. “The idea is that Ivano will take this knowledge back to PNG and play a bigger part in helping the nation’s economic development, for the benefit of the broader community and Santos is happy to be a part of that growth through this partnership with the Australian government.”

(Ivano Ivano - KPHL Geologist will take up Masters of Science studies in Adelaide 2019, under the Australian government and Santos scholarship)

Press release

PNG's Resources Industry Showcase at Sydney Conference

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The PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference, widely regarded as the nation’s premier international conference, will be held from 3 to 5 December 2018 at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel.

The event will feature prominent speakers from the PNG government, mining and oil & gas companies. Papua New Guinea has a well-established mining industry, attracting investment from many of the world’s leading mining companies. Minerals currently being mined include gold, silver, copper and nickel.

PNG also has a long history of producing and exporting oil, and more recently liquefied natural gas (LNG). The upcoming conference is being hosted by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, the industry’s peak industry body.

“This is the 15th conference we have held outside of PNG in Sydney. It is an ideal forum for potential investors to learn more about PNG’s mining and petroleum industry,” said Dr Albert Mellam, Executive Director of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.
“We are expecting in excess of 1,300 delegates and over 50 exhibitors from resource and service companies, government organisations, landowner groups, the international finance sector and aid organisations to attend our 2018 conference.”

Under the theme ‘PNG Resources Industry: Investment and Partnership to enable PNG’s Growth and Development’, the conference will once again showcase the exciting developments occurring in PNG’s resources sector.

Speakers include the PNG Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill, along with a number of Government ministers who will provide delegates with insights into the government’s policies in areas such as energy and environmental protection.

Senior representatives from the country’s major petroleum and mining companies will provide updates on their current and proposed projects, new discoveries and exploration.

The conference also offers an opportunity to reflect on the recent APEC summit, which was held in Port Morseby earlier this month.

An important project to be featured during the conference is the country’s upcoming Papua LNG project, of which a Memorandum of Understanding on this project was signed by the project’s joint venture partners Oil Search, Total and ExxonMobil, and the PNG Government during the summit.

The Wafi-Golpu project, a 50-50 joint venture project owned by Australian-owned Newcrest Mining, and South African mining giant Harmony Gold which early works is expected to start in a few years will be a main draw-card for conference delegates.

APEC attracted world leaders and global CEOs to PNG, including keynote speakers from leading resources industry companies operating in Papua New Guinea such as Newcrest Mining, Oil Search, Total and ExxonMobil.

The program for the upcoming Sydney conference features an international guest speaker in Professor Paul Stevens, a Distinguished Fellow at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. Prof Stevens will be providing valuable insight into the global oil and gas market, focusing on the outlook for PNG and its new developments. Press Release

Prode on CS Officers who stormed Parliament Haus expected to conclude this week

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A preliminary investigation internally for Correctional Services officers who stormed parliament is expected to be completed this week.

CS Acting Commissioner Stephen Pokanis reveals that last week 20 officers received notices for allegedly storming the parliament and more is expected at the end of this week after the completion of the investigations.

The notices were given by the CS Deputy Commissioner Operations Dennis Piandi who was tasked by the Acting Commissioner last week.
Pokanis said the focus now is to identify really who was involved in the incident on Tuesday 20th November and from there further charges would be laid against them under laws of CS.

This is the beginning of the probe and from the responses, other administrative disciplinary actions will follow. Pokanis said different approaches are taken to deal with the issue of APEC allowances and the storming of parliament. He stressed this when asked if officers involved in the storming of parliament wouldn’t be paid if they were found to have been involved in the storming of parliament.

Pokanis said the issues are separate and police commissioner is taking the lead on the allowance issue whilst the storming of parliament has been dealt with separately by respective law enforcement agencies to instil discipline.

“Officers must be paid as it is the responsibility of the government and payment must be made despite the damages to the parliament”, said Pokanis.

He further stressed that he presumes APEC allowance owed to its members who took part in providing security during the APEC meet have been paid.
Pokanis mentioned this saying no more complaints have been raised to him of the allowance issue after the storming of the parliament by Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) members including CS officers.

When asked how much was actually owed to CS officers, he said only the JSTF Commander and Police Commissioner Gari Baki knew.

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West Papua flag raised in Port Vila

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The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in partnership with the Vanuatu West Papua Association and the South Moluccas association have joined in with West Papuans around the globe to commemorate the West Papua Day, celebrated annually on 01 December at the Chiefs Nakamal compound in Port Vila.

West Papua first raised its Morning Star flag on December 1, 1961.

The celebration began with the President of Malvatumauri Council, Chief Willie Grey Plasua, making a welcome speech to the special guests and the public to witness the flag raising and commemorating the day for the people of West Papua.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of those killed in the struggle for self-determination.

Chief Plasua appealed to the churches, non-governmental organisations, the public and Melanesia to unite and stand beside West Papua’s struggle for freedom.

He assured the ULMWP delegates of his council support.

Chairman of West Papua Association and Reconciliation Committee, Pastor Alan Nafuki, said the time has come for West Papua to achieve their right to self determination and their freedom.

He said through God alone anything is possible.

Government representative and special envoy to the West Papua Movement, Lora Lini said Vanuatu, a small country with a loud voice, has been in the frontline always and will continue to advocate towards West Papua’s self determination and freedom.

She said Vanuatu understands the urgent need and the struggle for West Papuans because Vanuatu came out from such struggles from two colonial powers in 1980.

Dr Alexander Manuputty, Leader of the South Moluccas acknowledged the ULMWP role of pushing for self-determination.

He said it was time West Papua, South Moluccas and Vanuatu build mutual friendship and trust towards the principle of equal rights and the self determination of the people in West Papua and South Moluccas.

Andy Ayamiseba, a long time Vanuatu resident urged youths to take up responsibility in the struggle as the time is near for them to step down and allow active strong advocators back the West Papua movement. He encourages unity always among youths for success.

Paula Makabory, ULMWP executive member acknowledged Vanuatu for its continuous support and said the flag raising ceremony is not just an identity for West Papuans but also a stamp of the existence of West Papua in the global arena.

West Papuans want to be free from Indonesian rule and the people of Vanuatu have pledged their support to the people of West Papua.



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