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Polye : PNG needs timely Justice

The Opposition members namely Sam Basil, Mark Maipakai, Loujaya Kouza, William Samb & Leader Don Polye have raised serious concerns about the way in which Justice in PNG is being served.

In a press conference today, leader Don Polye stated that "PNG Needs Timely Justice."
"The systems in place in the country to promote justice has not done enough and political leaders or people in power need to be tried just like any ordinary citizen of this country and there shouldn’t be any special treatment for them," said Polye.
Polye is now calling on all NGOs, Civil Society Groups, and the General Public to join the Opposition to rise up and fight in Justice for the best of PNG as our country’s Justice is under threat from those in influential positions in the country.
Furthermore, with the recent Buimo Prisoners escaping and 12 shot dead, most of them were awaiting their court trials but justice was delayed on serving them and this has been a long time practice in the country’s justice system for many years.
"Comparing this with the powerful and rich people in the country who seem fit to corrupt our justice system to evade the course of justice is totally unfair and undemocratic."
Leader of the Opposition Don Polye stated that these two scenarios clearly points out that the country’s justice system and the constitution is one sided to only serve those in high positions or those in power while the little people suffer and their constitutional rights deprived.


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