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PNG has Strong Economic Leadership in the Current Global Economic Storm

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill  has thanked the people of Abau District in Central Province for their ongoing support as the national economy faces challenging global conditions.
PM O’Neill made the comments when speaking to thousands of people from around the district who had come to Maopa Village for the opening of the new Georita Memorial Church 2.
“When you are in rough seas, who do you trust to guide your boat?” the Prime Minister asked the crowd.
“You trust a captain who has experience, because you can’t trust captains who have never sailed a boat before.
“Our economy is in rough seas now because the world economy is not doing so well.
“This is the time that you need an experienced captain.
“We will keep growing the economy, even with the challenges, so that money comes down to the districts.”
The Prime Minister said national political stability is essential for ensuring growth.
“Our nation is diverse and rugged, and is a challenging country to manage at the best of times.
“It has infrastructure problems, it has public service problems, it has many issues, that not one Government can fix in one day, or one year, or one term.
“Our Government has made a commitment to bring about positive change and this is happening, that is why we need stability.
“When I came into Parliament we thought our country was poor, but there was money, it was just mismanaged.
“There are now lots of people who say they can manage the economy better than us.
“They might have been ministers, but they have no experience managing an economy.
“Even those who are in opposition, those who are our critics, they will not do anything, they will just talk.
“I want to thank all the Central Members of Parliament, except the Member for Goilala, who was a little confused, who supported the Government in the recent vote.
“I thank the support of the Central Leaders, if they had thought that our Government was not heading in the right direction they would not stand with me.
“That is why 85 members stood with our Government.
“It is easy to talk, but harder to do things, so some just throw mud.
“Our Government will continue to ignore those who play games, and continue to manage our economy.”

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