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FIFA 11 for Health launch in PNG

A FIFA health, education and training legacy program will be introduced to 16 schools in Port Moresby.

The FIFA ‘11 for Health’ training program which is based on 11 simple health messages was launched on Monday at the Marianville Secondary School in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.
The 11 for Health programme place emphasis on the need to reduce the level of communicable and non-communicable health issues or diseases and is supported through the engagement and involvement of renowned football players.

The 11 key messages are: play football, respect girls and women, protect yourself from HIV and TB, avoid drugs and alcohol, use treated bed nets, wash your hands, drink clean water, eat a balanced diet, get vaccinated, take your prescribed medication and fair play.

To coincide with the launch of the program, a weeklong training for Physical Education teachers was officially opened by National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop in the presence of PNG Football Association senior vice-president, Linda Wonuhali and FIFA Medical and Research Centre project manager Claudia Grasser.

“We are privileged to have FIFA roll-out its 11 for Health Programme in our schools in the National Capital District as part of its legacy programmes.” National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop stated when opening the training. 

“The 11 for Health programme is not just about football but also about health and lifestyle. It teaches our young children about respect, avoiding harmful substances, having balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Claudia Grasser, FIFA Medical said the programme is a series of football based sessions aimed at encouraging physical activity and educating children about healthy behaviours related to some of the world’s health problems.

PNG Football Association president, David Chung said as the custodians of the programme, PNG Football Association will ensure that the programme is run successfully within the schools in NCD and then rolled out to the other provinces next year.

Representatives from the F-MARC flew into country over the weekend and will be conducting the training for 32 teachers from the 16 selected schools in the National Capital District.

After the training, each teacher will be given a coaching manual with equipment provided by FIFA to run the programs at each of their schools for 11-weeks. Upon completion of the program in the selected schools, the students will be presented with certificates during the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in November.

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