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China-Fiji have mutual respect for decision-making processes

The Chinese government is once again making their position clear regarding its involvement in Fiji’s affairs.

Speaking to FBC News, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Qian Bo says while the two nations share a very strong relationship, both countries have a mutual respect of each other’s decision making processes.

However, the Ambassador believes China and Fiji needs to strengthen their political trust.

“We are all very dear to our relationship and we respect the core interest of each other. For instance, for China we respect the development power chosen by Fiji and its people at any time. Particularly, when Fiji says it’s changing its way of development – we give full respect. Also with Fiji’s concern regarding Climate Change and its interest in working with the US – China will always support and help.”

Bo says China is also hopeful that Fiji will take care of the Chinese concerns particularly in regards to the one China policy.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador hopes to maintain the good relationship it has fostered with Fiji over the years when a new government is formed after the general election.

Bo said that the Chinese government will not be involved in the election process as they understand it’s an internal affair and a democratic process.

However, they’re ready to assist the Fijian government in any specific training needed for the back-end of the electoral process.

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