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Nurses in PNG to stop Work on COVID-19 Cases if Marape-Steven Govt fails to honor petition

The PNG Nurses Association has given the National Government 24 hours to respond to its petition or the nurses will stop work.

Nurses in Port Moresby are disappointed that they have not been given the necessary support to help them work in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

President of the PNG Nurses Association Frederick Kebai told a news conference today that the nurses include those from the Port Moresby General Hospital, National Capital District Health Authority and the Laloki Public Psychiatric Hospital, outside Port Moresby.

In the petition, the nurses say they are concerned that there’s been no proper training done in terms of management of Covid-19 and how to effectively carry out awareness in communities.

Mr Kebai says nurses also do not have personal protective equipment.

He says nurses are frontline workers who will be involved in treating COVID-19 patients adding COVID-19 is a highly-contagious disease and it is crucial they have personal protection equipment.

Mr Kebai says the other issues of concern that the nurses want the Government to sort out are the risk and travel allowances as well as their insurance.

General Secretary for PNG Nurses Association Gibson Siune added that the Government must listen to the nurses concerns and address them as a matter of priority.

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