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Volcano information updates on Rabaul

The following are the transcripts being reprinted from the Department of Mineral Policy & Geohazards management.
Issue Date: 29th August 2014 (05:30am).
Volcano: Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.
Current activity: The eruption, strombolian in nature, reported in the earlier bulletin continued. Projections of incandescent lava fragments accompanied by loud explosion noises, and airwaves rattling windows and door, continued. The break of dawn allowed visibility and the eruption plume could be seen blowing in a westerly direction over Malaguna 1& 2 and further downwind.
Height of ash plume (max.): About 3000m then bending to the west-northwest. Wind: Light SE.
Areas affected byashfall: Rabaul Town and downwind areas. During the earlier part of the eruption ash affected Rabaul Town and downwind to RVO and Volavolo.
There has been slight shift in wind direction resulting in the plume blowing in a more west-northwesterly direction and missing parts of Rabaul town and blowing over Matupit and Malaguna villages and further downwind.
People at Kerevat reported ashfall at Kerevat as well. Areas from Rapolo towards Kokopo are ashfree. Also areas from Korere to Baii are ashfree.
Level of exposure from the ash: Moderate to high.
Seismicity: High levels of tremor caused by the eruption are recorded. Ground deformation: Ground deformation measurements from the GPS station on Matupit Island has been showing a steady trend since about March 2014, however, there has ongoing inflation since December 2009.
Other: - Prognosis: The eruption is likely to continue indefinitely with some level of fluctuation.
Risk level: Moderate to high for ash affected areas from ongoing ashfall.
Remarks: People residing in Rabaul Town and downwind areas are advised to remain indoors from the ongoing ashfall.

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