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Kavo : I am still the Governor of Gulf Province

Gulf Regional MP Havila Kavo maintains he is still the governor of Gulf Province.  Mr Kavo told a news conference in Port Moresby he remains the Governor. He made this statement after
Kikori MP Mark Maipakai and Kerema MP Richard Mendani called on  Kavo to step aside.

A statement was released from the Office of the Minister for Inter Government Relations, Leo Dion, at the weekend, advising Kavo to step aside on moral and ethical grounds, while the Deputy Governor will care-take.
Kavo disputed the credibility of that statement, and Mr. Dion also confirmed  he did not sign that statement.
Kavo said, he is still the Regional Member and Governor until the Supreme Court determines his appeal:
"We also made mention of the government's position is that when the supreme court has given an order for you to be given bail, it suspends the conviction and the sentence until my appeal is been determine by the supreme court in April. Whilst that judgement and the conviction and sentence is suspended I continue my work as a Governor, continue to run the province until April when the supreme court determines my appeal. So right now I still remain Governor. There is no vacancy in the position of the Governorship."

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