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SUVA, Fiji – July 1, 2015 – Pernix Group, a renowned global firm specializing in power generation, construction and infrastructure development, is set to establish operations in Papua New Guinea in the next two months. 
Pernix Group’s Business Development and Marketing Director, Nirmal Singh, said the ongoing government reforms in trade and investment sector as well as overall investment and business climate in Papua New Guinea had encouraged the company to pursue opportunities that will be beneficial to both Pernix and people of Papua New Guinea.  He said the support from Government and relevant statutory bodies has been very encouraging. 
Mr Singh will be in Papua New Guinea from July 6th-10th to talk to Government, private sector and investment authority officials to pave the way for the establishment of PERNIX PNG.
While in Papua New Guinea, Mr Singh will also hold discussions with potential strategic partners to explore the possibility of a joint venture. He said Pernix Group President, Nidal Zayed, has made it mandatory for Pernix to have a local strategic partner, which is wholly-owned by the locals - in this case Papua New Guineans. The profits of the company will be shared by the PNG people and will contribute and boost the development and growth of its economy.
Pernix has a strong presence in the Pacific. It operates and maintains two separate diesel-fired power generation plants in Fiji and sells electrical energy produced on a wholesale level at a contractually determined rate without risk of fuel price fluctuations. It also operates the power grid in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu and has strong presence in Northern Pacific.  Pernix is now actively pursuing renewable energy projects as IPP under PPA with the national grid.
Pernix has done several large scale projects worldwide and has undertaken a number of projects for the United States Government abroad including the construction of the American Embassy in Suva, Fiji.  It recently acquired KBR Building Group in the United States and assets of DCK Guam. These acquisitions will expand Pernix’s commercial domestic operations and grow its international business. The acquisitions will also benefit PNG and the Pacific Island countries. With these acquisitions Pernix brings to the Pacific cutting edge technology, expertise and leadership in construction, infrastructure development and power generation.  Pernix now has the capacity to undertake projects of any scope and size in any country around the world.

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