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Bollywood artists to work in Fiji film productions

Bollywood artists will be working with locals in 2016 as part of a local film production which is likely to be released internationally. Head of Film and Television Department at Fiji National University, Arun Chakravorty says the production is quite ambitious. 

Bollywood is big in Fiji and Arun Chakravorty is hoping some actors from India will say yes to working on a local movie that the Fiji National University is working on. First on his list though is finding the money to get filming going. “Yes, why not because negotiations are on. You know in film industry so many negotiations end up in a failure because people do not keep their commitment but I am negotiating with some local production people-those who are interested in investing for a production of a movie here and I’m negotiating with Bollywood.

” Chakravorty won’t say which Bollywood actors he’s negotiating with because nothing’s been confirmed – but they are apparently quite familiar to audiences in Fiji. The untitled movie is a suspense thriller, based around the discovery of a body in a recording studio. Chakravorty is hoping experienced actors from Bollywood will be able to pass on some tricks of the business to budding Fijians. 

Source : FBC

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