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Bougainville still using PNG Education System

Bougainville still using PNG Education system Photo. by Jacob Lenu..bougainville24.com
The Education Department on Bougainville will still abide by the Papua New Guinea Education system until such time Bougainville develops it’s own policies for the Bougainville Education system.

This was the message from the Bougainville Education Minister and member for RAMU, THOMAS PATAAKU.

MR. PATAAKU said that as of next year, all Grade 8 will continue until Grade 12 and this is the instruction from the Papua New Guinea Education Department.

The Education Minister made these known when responding to calls from the ABG member for TAUNITA/TINPUTZ, MR. DAVID BRAUN VATAVI who wanted to know if Bougainville Schools will let all the Grade 8 Students continue to Grade 12 and if the Schools will have enough space for this.

Minister PATAAKU said that as long as Bougainville is following the Papua New Guinea education department, Bougainville will have to adhere to this policy.

He said Bougainville has launched its own Education act early this year however the ABG has to make policies to make this happen in the future. Dawn FM

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