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PM O'Neill labels Somare and Mekere as first class hypocrites

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says recent comments by Sir Michael Somare and calls for him to leave office are self-serving and simply unnecessary from a person who has been hell-bent on removing this Government since him loosing power in 2011.
"Whilst these matters are before the Courts, he has to respect that no person is guilty until proven so in a court of law based on compelling evidence, he said.

"I have always stated - show evidence of me benefiting financially or otherwise and I will resign.
I would never do so because Somare or Mourata think I should, their motive is simply sour grapes.
If they think they have the support, they should both combine and face us at the elections. But from recent memory when the people voted, Mourata lost badly in 2002 and Somare lost badly in 2012.
Looking at the issues he has raised, it is fact that I did not receive money in my bank account like Somare has. He needs to explain why PNG Government money from the community college fund ended up in his personal account number in Singapore. His son and him have benefitted directly whilst PNG is left with an incomplete community colleges and with millions of U.S. Dollars in loans taken out for this project, while Somare got millions of dollars in his pocket.
This matter is being pursued by the Singapore Public prosecutor with Somare’s Singapore partners.
If anyone should resign, Somare should resign and he should be charged.
It is all very well to point fingers, but people must only do so with clean hands.
The same goes for Sir Mekere Mourata.
While our people in Western province are dying, he continues to keep their funds parked in the SDP fund in Singapore.
It is the people’s money then pays exorbitant fees to Morauta and his consultants, and for them to travel first class around the world.
This is money that belongs to the people of Western Province and should be given to them to use for their own community benefit, but while Morauta splurges their money they continue to suffer. This is a fact that was confirmed by courts in Singapore recently.
What a load of first class hypocrisy we see from Somare and Morauta, they should hide their heads in shame" Mr. O'Neill said.

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