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Minister Tabar says University Staff threatened by students

The Department of Higher Education, Science Research and Technology have confidence that the UPNG Administration is capable of handling the current situation on campus.
That’s the word from the Minister Malakai Tabar who said the University had its own council and Administration to handle issues within the institution.
However, the Minster said the police had to be called in as students were allegedly seen with bush knifes, painted faces and chanting war cries for the last few mornings which he claims were threats to the university staff.
“You are not in the village. You are in a university and a university is a place where you learn and you must respect the university as a learning institution, meaning you don’t carry bush knives around the school, don’t paint your faces and yell out war cries as if you going for war! It’s no place to fight but a place to learn” said Minister Tabar.
He said apart from these threatening issues, a professor in the school was harassed and his car was taken from him by students and returned later.
Minister Tabar said such actions by students call for some law and order on campus and that is why police are there monitor the situation. PNGFM / PNG Today

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