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Department of Health condemns rape of a female Doctor

By Jacob Marcos

The Secretary for National Department of Health Pascoe Kase has condemned the rape of a female medical doctor at her Four-Mile residence in Port Moresby National Capital District during the weekend.

While the country is mourning the death of a children’s doctor, Paediatrician late Dr Alphonse Benjamin Rongap in Lae recently, the felony over the female doctor has brought outrage on the health community in the country, Kase said.

Dr Rongap was a senior Paediatrician based in Angau Memorial Hospital who was murdered by criminals while in his family car.

“This is another incident over a doctor within the small phase of time while in the time of grieve,” Kase lamented.

“This cannot go on with us (health workers) who are here day and night to save lives…this is total animalistic,” a frustrated Kase said.

“If you keep on shortening the lives of doctors and nurses and traumatising them, where will you go and whom will you find when you are sick?” he uttered.

Kase said that citizens of this country should be thankful to a handful of doctors in the country who sacrifice their lives to saving the people of this country using available resources and means.

“These people should be protected by all means rather than harming them,” Kase demanded.

The medical fraternity has suffered enough of such crimes and he urged the police and the public to help apprehend the suspects and bring them to justice.

“These suspects must face the full brunt of the law,” Kase said.

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