PNG Prime Minister O'Neill says former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres Was A Real Advocate For Peace

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Papua New Guinean Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill  has extended the nation’s sympathies following the passing of Israel’s former President and two-time Prime Minister, the Late Shimon Peres.
“He was a true advocate of peace and will surely be remembered for his noble actions during his tenure as Israeli Prime Minister twice and as President,” PM O’Neill said.
“On behalf of the Government and people of Papua New Guinea, I express my deepest sympathies to his wife and family.
“This is a great loss to Israel as the late Peres was recognized throughout his country and the world as the ‘Icon of Peace’ and an outstanding leader.
“I join hands with other leaders throughout the world to extend Papua New Guinea’s sadness over the passing of this outstanding leader.”
In 2013, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had the honour of paying a courtesy call on the then President Peres in Israel during a high level official visit.
“One of the comments that I recall from President Peres was to say the most important natural resource in every country is its people, and this is absolutely true.
"I very much appreciated the warmly welcome extended by President Peres that has made a significant contribution to the growing relationship between our two countries.”
H.E. Shimon Peres was the ninth President of Israel, serving from 2007 to 2014, and passed away on Wednesday at the age of 93.

PM Peter O’Neill says to Prepare now for the Tourism Boom

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The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill  has called for greater public private partnerships in the tourism sector so as to establish it as one of the nations’ major economic sectors of the future.
Prime Minister O’Neill also highlighted progress being made in Madang with major projects planned in the coming years.
He made the comments as he opened the latest high quality tourist accommodation in Papua New Guinea with the new wing of the Madang Resort.
“We must build our tourism infrastructure today so that we can establish the tourism boom of tomorrow,” PM O’Neill said opening the Madang Resort Wenong AB Wing.
“Oil and gas revenue will not last forever so we have to keep diversifying our economy for the decades to come.
“The Government cannot do this alone, we must work in partnership with the private sector.
“Together we will build the infrastructure, build the resorts and we will bring in the overseas flights.
“The tourism market that is open to places like Madang is very big and as an industry we must think big.
“Australia and New Zealand are good markets, but we must look further, particularly to Asia.
“Soon we will establish direct flights to China and this will open major opportunities to access the Chinese overseas tourist market.
“The Chinese people make more than 100 million overseas trips each year, so even a small fraction of this market is a great number of tourists.
“We must also expand our domestic tourism market so that more Papua New Guineans can see more of our country.”
The Prime Minister further noted the changes that are taking place in Madang with more projects to come.
“As we prepare to host APEC, you will see changes around Madang.
“We are preparing for a 150 million Kina upgrade and resealing of Madang Town Roads, which will benefit our people and businesses greatly.
“We will further have an expansion in the supply of power in Madang, and we are doing this with private sector investment and partnership.
“This will be formally announced soon and when complete will give reliable power to our people and businesses.
“The PMIZ will also continue to move forward and issues relating to the loan will be resolved.
“Thousands of people will be employed with new jobs on both the land and out on the sea through this project.”

PNGEC not ready for elections : Polye

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Leader of Opposition Don Polye is concerned by the slow preparations PNG Electoral Commission is conducting itself in getting the country and people prepared for the 2017 general elections.
He said it is disappointing to note that that electoral rolls are not updated in most of the regions and the issue of writs is approaching fast for the elections.
He challenged the government and Electoral Commission to speed up the process to avoid chaos, confusion and confrontations with election officials by unsatisfied voters resulting in a failed 2017 general elections.

Air Niugini to push for cheap airfares

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Air Niugini will put a submission to the National Government to make air travel affordable for Papua New Guineans.

The announcement was made by the airline’s board chairman Sir Frederick Reiher at the naming ceremony of another Fokker 70 aircraft. The plane, the fourth in the series, was christened ‘Alotau’.

He said the national airline was keen to partner with the National Government to achieve two goals: a significant growth in tourism and tourism numbers and to help make it easy for PNG families to travel on domestic air services.

He said it is probably not known that government taxes and charges make up a substantial proportion of the total cost of domestic airline tickets.

He said the level of taxes and charges vary on routes that Air Niugini and its subsidiary airline Link PNG serve. Up to a third of the total cost of an average ticket comprises taxes and charges.

“Air Niugini is also impacted of course by fuel taxes, the cost of which is passed on to our passengers. We have been considering for some time how we might be able to work with National Government to make airfares more affordable firstly for families and local businessmen and women and secondly for our tourists,” he said.

“I appreciate the national budget is also impacted by economic circumstances but I am confident this measure will would provide a real lift to the economy and would deliver higher return to the government over the medium term.”

Planning Minister Charles Abel, who was present for the event, noted the concerns and admitted that tax did constitute up to 50 per cent of the cost of airfares.

He said government revenue was constrained to some degree and there was a reluctance to reduce taxes. But all options will be considered given the broader implications and gains expected.

“Lowering airfares will support tourism and create these huge economic benefits at home so we do acknowledge that and we do commend the PX board and management and staff for the reforms it has undertaken in these difficult times,” he said.

By the same token he also highlighted that while times were tough there had been some positives including a reduction in fuel prices. He challenged the airline to see if this could translate to lower airfares on fuel surcharge.

DOW - YWAM Medical Ships team-up to deliver healthcare to remote Papua New Guinea

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In honour of International Maritime Day, The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) has teamed
up with YWAM Medical Ships to deliver healthcare and training to some of the most remote
villages in Papua New Guinea (PNG) via the medical ship MV YWAM PNG.

The MV YWAM PNG and her team of volunteers deliver immunisations, maternal health services,
dentistry procedures, eye care, and collegial support for rural health workers.
The MV YWAM PNG accommodates 100+ medical, marine and general volunteers and has an
onboard dentistry clinic, day procedure unit and laboratory. In addition to the services provided
aboard the vessel, the MV YWAM PNG acts as a mother ship, small patrol boats are launched
from the ship to reach even more remote areas.

Since the beginning of 2016, the MV YWAM PNG and her team of volunteers have treated over
30,000 patients, including a 17 year-old boy named Bray who had been blind for two years from
cataracts. After a 45 minute surgery aboard the MV YWAM PNG’s day procedure unit, Bray’s sight
was restored. Bray has now returned to school and is enjoying playing sport again.
Dow Chemical Regional President, Tony Frencham, said that Dow was helping to support the MV
YWAM PNG’s fresh water supply machinery.

“Dow is proud to be supporting the MV YWAM PNG as it provides modern medical assistance to
remote parts of Papua New Guinea,” said Mr Frencham.
Alan Chan, Asia Pacific Commercial Director at Dow Water and Process Solutions, explained:
"We donated DOW FILMTEC™ SW30-4040 membrane elements to enable the drinking water
treatment system on board the ship. Our industry-leading reverse osmosis elements desalinate
salty water and remove contaminants, making the water safe for consumption.”

The MV YWAM PNG is currently in her home port, Townsville Australia, where the vessel is
undergoing further renovations and maintenance before she returns to Papua New Guinea.
The MV YWAM PNG’s Captain, Captain Jeremy Schierer, said he was grateful for Dow’s support
as they prepare for their next voyage.
“With 100+ volunteers living and working on the MV YWAM PNG in challenging and difficult-toreach locations, our reverse osmosis water makers are critical pieces of machinery.
“The membranes provided by Dow allow us to keep the reverse osmosis plants operating at top
capacity – providing fresh water for our volunteers and clinics on board while working in some of
PNG’s most remote areas,” said Captain Schierer.

The MV YWAM PNG will set sail from Townsville next month for an 8-month outreach to isolated
villages along PNG’s southern coastline.
For more information or to donate toward YWAM Medical Ships vital work in PNG, visit

Photo: MV YWAM Medical Ship (Supplied)

Lakatoi set for Hiri Moale Festival

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The people of Pari today launched the famous and significant Hiri Lakatoi at Pari village in preparation for the the Festival this Friday.
This afternoon the Lakatoi sailed for Manubada Island where it will stay over and will set sail on Friday to Ela Beach for the Festival to begin.

Village Chief who took the building responsibility of the Lakatoi Chief Tau Legu took only a week to build the Lakatoi and he was very thankful for all those that were involved in the process to have it ready in a short period of time.

“The tradition of the Hiri Moale Festival, especially the Lakatoi is that, the Chief (Legu himself) will become the Captain to sail the big canoe and will be received by his wife and the contesting Queens (Hanenamos) at Ela Beach,” he said.

Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko in his remarks during the launching encouraged Motu-Koita people to maintain the Hiri Moale Festival.
He told the people that cultures and traditions are our identity and it is very important that it is preserved and maintained and not forgotten.
The Member assured the Motu-Koita people that his office will continue to support this significant event in the years to come and he is looking forward to the main event this Friday when Motu-Koita people will get together to celebrate.
The Hiri Lakatoi is the traditional sailing craft that the ancestors of the Motu-Koita people used to sail to Kerema in the Gulf Province to trade clay pots and arm shells for sago and the other garden foods and bring back for the families to eat with their fish.

Source:  By By Benbert WASA : PNGFM

Papua New Guinea Lauded for Reforms to deal with Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

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The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris has congratulated the Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill for action taken through the Government’s Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime.
The National Executive Council has now taken note of the endorsement of the Government’s actions by the FATF, the inter-governmental body that sets standards and monitors threats to the integrity of the international financial system.
PM O’Neill welcomed the decision by the FATF to remove Papua New Guinea from the list of countries that are monitored by the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG).
“Papua New Guinea is committed to laying our part in preventing the misuse of financial systems by criminal elements,” the Prime Minister said.
“When the the FATF assessed the country's financial system in 2010 a series of serious deficiencies were identified in our Government’s Anti-Money Laundering and Combat the Financing of Terrorism regime.
“As a consequence our financial system was then subjected to a series of enhanced reviews and stringent reporting requirements.
“The reputation of Papua New Guinea was further undermined in the global financial community.
“Our Government has worked tirelessly to address and remove the deficiencies, and now the international community has been made aware that we meet global standards.
“Papua New Guinea will continue to work with the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism to prevent criminal activities from occurring in our country and around the region.
“I thank the FATF and the ICRG for the work they have carried out to asses and subsequently acknowledge the steps taken by Papua New Guinea to prevent criminal activities the financial system.”
Following the visit and reporting by the ICRG Group when the visited Papua New Guinea in April, the President of the FATF, Mr. Je-Yoon Shin, stated the following in correspondence with the Prime Minister:
The FATF welcomed the significant actions by Papua New Guinea to address the strategic deficiencies in its AML/CFT regime, including by:
- Adequately criminalizing money laundering and terrorist financing;
- Establishing adequate procedures for the confiscation of assets related to money laundering;
- Establishing and implementing an adequate legal framework for identifying, tracing and freezing terrorist assets;
- Establishing a fully operational and effectively functioning financial intelligence unit;
- Establishing suspicious transaction reporting requirements;
- Implementing an adequate AML/CFT supervisory and oversight program for all financial sectors; and,
- Establishing effective controls for cross-border currency transactions.

Police in Samoa tackle cyber bullying, social media defamation

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Samoa’s Ministry of Police is cracking down on cyber bullying and defamation on social media.

At the same time the ministry is increasing awareness about offences and penalties in cybercrime law through its Cyber Safety Programme.

Police Spokesperson Su’a Le Mamea Tiumalu told Loop Samoa that many perpetrators and victims of cybercrimes are unaware of the law.

“The Cyber Safety Act 2013 clearly states that any use of an electronic device to defame, hurt, attack or even impersonate another person is against the law and they each have their own respective punishments,” said Su’a.

He made the comment in light of the increase in reports of cybercrimes like cyber bullying.

“Attacking someone on social media with words or videos and even pictures is a violation of their rights and the punishment is no longer than 5 years jail time. As for impersonating a person on line or defaming a person online, not more than seven years in prison,” said Su’a.

Police have linked recent brawls in downtown Apia to the irresponsible use of social media and they have warned the public especially youth that they won’t hesitate to apply the law where necessary.

“The law is the law and if a young boy or girl decides to throw around insulting comments or defaming someone using any electronic device whether through social media or even in direct texting or calling, they can be charged for an offense,” Su’a said.

“There are certain parts of the law that decide the suitable punishment if the perpetrator is below 17 years old,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister for Communications Information Technology’s Afamasaga Rico Tupai has indicated plans to ban pornographic websites in Samoa.

Loop Samoa

Solomon Islands reiterates its right to bring claims of human rights abuses in West Papua to the UN

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In response to Indonesia, Solomon Islands insisted its right and that of six other Pacific Island countries to bring claims of human rights abuses in West Papua to the United Nations, in an attempt to find a solution to the 50 year old problem.

Rex Horoi, Solomon Islands special envoy on West Papua in his reply told the UN General Assembly that more than 500,000 Melanesians in West Papua have been killed in the last 50 years.

“Solomon Island has received reports from respectable sources including fellow UN member states and moral leaders from civil societies illustrating a lack of protection of human rights of Melanesian people of West Papua.

“Our concern has to do with the increasing loss of lives at the hand of Indonesian authorities. We may argue that mistakes are made and that lives are lost as a consequence, but how can we as members of this august body, defender of human rights and the body of reference in ethical and moral values turn a blind eye to the deaths of more than 500,000 West Papuans over the course of the last 50 years, said Horoi.

He challenged Indonesia to ‘substantiate its allegations that Solomon Islands and five Pacific countries have used false and fabricated information by allowing UN Special Rapporteur mandated by the UN Human Rights Council to visit West Papua and Papua.’

Horoi, who was former Solomon Islands Permanent Representative to the UN, said Pacific Island nations through their regional and sub-regional groupings have, over the past 20 years called for dialogue with Indonesia to discuss human rights violations in West Papua.

“In fact over the last 18 months, the regional and sub-regional bodies have made three attempts to have constructive engagements with Indonesia.

Horoi emphasised the commitments of Solomon Islands and the five Pacific states – Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Tonga and Tuvalu – will not be dampened by Indonesia’s non-committal response.

“The lack of will from Indonesia will not dampen the commitment of Solomon Islands together with six other Pacific Island Countries to pursue dialogue and constructive engagement as the only means to resolving this matter. We understand that through constructive engagement and dialogue we can realise the Articles of the UN Charter and the subsequent international human rights conventions that Indonesia has ratified, said the Solomon Islands special envoy on West Papua.

Replying to Indonesia’s call for Pacific states to stick to their concerns of the impacts of climate change, Horoi admitted while those development challenges were real for Pacific countries – the human rights abuses in West Papua required an equal and urgent attention of the United Nations family of nations to resolve.

“We raised these challenges here because we realised that neither us nor Indonesia can address these challenges alone. We are of the position that these matters need to be brought to the attention of the body of the UN.

“It needs to be done urgently as lives have been lost with all impunity. All lives matter and West Papuan lives matter.

Solomon Islands, Horoi said is willing to engage with Indonesia on the matter of West Papua.

“In fact our Pacific regional and sub-regional bodies have indicated their willingness to discuss this matter with Indonesia as we are all concerned with the increasing loss of lives in West Papua. We can together as a family of national must address the human rights violations and the loss of lives in West Papua.

Horoi said his country cannot accept the argument of sovereignty and integrity of any country and watch these atrocities take place.

“It is our moral and ethical duty as member states to bring this unfortunate reality so that we together can find a way to stop the loss of lives and protect the rights of all human beings, be it in West Papua or any other country in the world, said Horoi.


Australia and New Zealand should follow France example: Vanuatu Opposition

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Vanuatu’s Opposition bloc has expressed its appreciation to the French Government for the decision it has taken in permitting Vanuatu passport holders to travel to New Caledonia, France and French Polynesia without prior visa application and approval requirements.

“The Office of the Opposition expressed its highest appreciation to the French Government in its recognition for Vanuatu citizens to travel to New Caledonia and Tahiti without prior visa application requirements and approval before travelling.

“Also the Opposition appreciates and salutes the French Government as representing the European Union here to open up the same travel arrangements avenue to the European countries (Schengen areas), the Opposition statement read.

“The Opposition wishes to question Australia High Commission and the New Zealand High Commission if they could consider the example set by French Government to the people of Vanuatu and see if they can open up their boarders in the same way the French Government has done for the people of Vanuatu to grant the Ni-Vanuatu citizens the same privilege,” the Opposition asked.

“Australia and New Zealand persist in asking Vanuatu to sign the Pacer–Plus (Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations) and if Australia and New Zealand seek such a closer economic relations, then please open your boarders to grant visa exemptions to the Vanuatu citizens to Australia and New Zealand,” the Opposition asks in a statement.

“The Office of the Opposition also calls on the Vanuatu Government to pursue this issue with Australia and New Zealand as soon as possible,” the statement was signed by the Opposition Leader, Ishmael Kalsakau.


PNG eyes more Fiji trade, Ox & Palm trade war expected to be resolved soon

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Papua New Guinea is determined to have more trade missions with Fiji, says Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru.

Maru was commenting on the recent impasse between the two sister countries, stating that the issue was a thing of the past and needs to be solved so that both countries can look forward to signing the Melanesian Spearhead Group trade agreement number three.

“We are determined to have more of your trade missions and we would like to bring our products to the Bula country, and this dialogue over the next few days is very important to us as well, and I want to assure you every support of our government and team and we look forward to the positive conclusion and the outcome that we all desire as we want free trade in the MSG area.

“So we’re very proud of this agreement and the way it’s going, because the most important thing with the MSG trade agreement number three is that it will not only cover the trading of goods however the next one will cover services and labour mobility so that Papua New Guineans can be able to go work in Fiji and vice versa.”

Maru said the issues have never been included in the previous trade agreements, therefore the Government aims to conclude that by this Christmas so that they can sign off before the elections.

He said the trade agreement has been negotiated for the past four years, so if the issue of trade impasse concludes between Fiji and PNG the four countries represented under MSG can be able to finalise bigger agreement which will have a big impact for all four countries,” he said.

Meanwhile, the row over the export of PNG’s Ox & Palm bully beef to Fiji is expected to be resolved this week between the two countries now holding trade talks in Port Moresby.

A team of four from Fiji’s ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Biosecurity Authority arrived in Port Moresby last Saturday for talks to iron out differences this week. The Fijian delegation included Fiji Trade Commissioner to PNG Navitalai Tiuvuniwai, chief veterinarian Dr Sian Watson, chief plant protection officer Nilesh Ami Chand and team leader, trade facilitation and compliance Ronal Prasad.

The PNG delegation includes officials from the Department of Trade Commerce and Industry, Department of the PM and NEC, NAQIA, NISIT, Department of Justice and Attorney General, PNG high Commissioner to Fiji Lucy Bogari, DAL and DOE.

The 12-year impasse is expected to be a main agenda after having prominently featured by Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru in a war of words with Fiji over the last couple of months over biosecurity fears.

Maru in welcoming the Fiji delegation said the issue of Ox and Palm is an old one for the two countries for over 12 years without proper dialogue and is hoping the three day meet will help to solve the issue.

Maru said he is expecting full co-operation from both teams to solve these issues and hopes the Fiji team can be able to tell PNG what is wrong with its products.

“It is my hope that we will work together as Melanesian friends and wantoks over the next three days so that we can resolve our very issue,” he said. and get stuck on the big MSG trade agreement number three which is a really big thing we want to get done this year.

“I will do whatever it takes on my part to pull in all the information you require from the companies concerned so you can complete the task that has been given to you and it is our expectation and our hope that this so called impasse will be a thing of the past and we can move on. “The PNG government is very keen to complete the MSG 3 as we don’t want this small impasse to be a blockade or hindrance to a greater step we need to take as the sub regional trading block,” he said.


Burleigh Bears claim Intrust Super Cup premiership

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The Burleigh Bears have claimed the 2016 Intrust Super Cup with a hard-fought win over the Redcliffe Dolphins at Suncorp Stadium this afternoon.

Manly-bound Cameron Cullen delivered a brilliant performance to break Burleigh's decade-long title drought and set up an Intrust Super State Championship clash with the New South Wales winners the Illawarra Cutters next Sunday.

Twice Burleigh opened up a 10-point lead over the Dolphins, but a try from late Redcliffe inclusion Darren Nicholls 16 minutes into the second half narrowed the margin to just four points.

The two teams were locked in a tense duel for the next 10 minutes as the Dolphins looked for the go-ahead try, but it was Cullen who capped a brilliant individual display with a try in the 70th minute that would ultimately seal their second state Cup title.

Although Cullen was able to take advantage of a tiring defence late, he challenged Redcliffe from the opening minutes of the match, laying on two tries for fullback Kurtis Rowe and having a hand in Sami Sauiluma's second-half four-pointer.

Nicholls – who was ruled out on Tuesday by Dolphins coach Adam Mogg – and Broncos winger Jonus Pearson were important late inclusions for Redcliffe, but it was Cullen and future Parramatta Eel Jamal Fogarty who not only put on the points, but controlled the closing stages perfectly.

Burleigh had the better of the opening 10 minutes in terms of territory and possession and eventually came up with points after 12 minutes.

A shift to the left on halfway saw Cullen go to the line and put fullback Kurtis Rowe through a hole 40m out from the Redcliffe line and had too much pace for the cover defence to score his 19th try of the year.

An error from Burleigh back-rower Lachlan Burr from the next set invited Redcliffe to attack the Bears' try-line and after receiving a ruck penalty on the goal-line hit back through rookie of the year Pearson after terrific lead-up work from first Aaron Whitchurch and then Joseph Bradley.

They threatened to double their try tally from the set after points when Jack Ahearn sent Daniel Randall on a 40m run inside Burleigh territory, but crunching tackles from late addition and co-captain Jamie Dowling and Sauiluma ended the Dolphins momentum before they could do more damage on the scoreboard.

A penalty for a dangerous tackle on Sauiluma 40m out from their own line allowed Burleigh back into Redcliffe's half and again it was the combination of Cullen and Rowe that split the Dolphins defence, Rowe getting his second in the 22nd minute when momentum carried him only as far as the try-line.

A penalty goal to captain Fogarty pushed the Bears out to a 14-4 advantage after 27 minutes, but just as the game was threatening to get away from them, Tyson Cleal latched onto a Shane Pumipi grubber into the in-goal to bring the Dolphins back within four points heading into half-time 14-10.

However, Nicholls’ 56th minute try was to be the only points for Redcliffe in the second half, while -Sauiluma’s charge-over and Cullen’s special to seal the premiership were highlights for Burleigh.

Cullen, Fogarty, Sauiluma and Paterika Vaivai were outstanding for the victors while for Redcliffe hooker Shane Pumipi, prop Charlie Faingaa and a brave Nicholls were the best for Redcliffe.

Grand Final

BURLEIGH BEARS 26 (Kurtis Rowe 2, Sami Sauiluma, Cameron Cullen tries; Jamal Fogarty 5 goals) def REDCLIFFE DOLPHINS 16 (Jonus Pearson, Tyson Cleal, Darren Nicholls tries; Darren Nicholls 2 goals) at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday, September 25.

source: qrl.com.au

Engan leaders urged to bury their differences to form next government

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WABAG: The Opposition stalwart and Kikori MP Mark Maipakai has urged the Engan leaders to bury their political differences to form the next government after the Election.
Mr Maipakai has taken a swipe at them for not rallying their support behind fellow Engan MP Don Pomb Polye to form the government twice, the first was during the Vote of No-confidence in July and the second was after the last Election.

Mr Maipakai said Polye had all it took to become the Prime Minister.
“Despite our age difference, I am loyal to him because he is honest, transparent and a highly qualified leader,” he told a huge crowd at Porgera in Enga yesterday (Saturday).
Triumph Heritage Empowerment, he said, recorded a victory of fifteen seats, a second largest coalition party, in the last Election.

He added that if the Engan leaders had sided with Polye, he would have been the Prime Minister.
“The law is clear that a political party, which wins the majority of the seats, has to muster 56 MPs.
“If it doesn’t do so, the one which consolidated the majority of MPs can form the next government,” said Maipakai.

The Southern Region’s deputy leader for T.H.E party admitted that some Engan MPs and public servants were badmouthing Polye in a hotel, saying with their intention that he would desert him.
“I told them that the Polye has all it takes to become the Prime Minister.
“He is an honest, transparent and a brilliant leader so I will always be loyal to him,” he said.

New School board of management traning manual launched

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ExxonMobil PNG Limited, operator of PNG LNG, the Central Provincial Government Education Division and Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services have partnered in a new initiative to help improve school board governance and leadership capacities, with the development of a new Board of Management (BoM) Training Manual.
Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services with support from ExxonMobil PNG, developed the manual following a series of capacity building workshops with school BoM members for Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea schools in Central province.
The manual will also be used to develop skills within BoM members of nine schools within PNG LNG Project areas in Hela province.
While initially developed for PNG LNG project area schools, the BoM Training Manual has been presented to the Central Provincial Government Education Divison for use by schools throughout the province.
The BoM Training Manual complements the PNG National Education Department’s “A Board of Management Handbook for Elementary, Primary and Community Schools” and concentrates on up-skilling leadership and governance qualities of BoM members.
The BoM manual covers five modules that include influential leadership; effective communications; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education emphasis; good governance; and understanding and application of the Department of Education BoM Handbook.
ExxonMobil PNG Community Development Support Manager, Sisa Kini said that the company recognises that the BoM forms a critical component and basic foundation of a school’s overall management.
“The school BoM carries the vision and mission of the school into the community and brings the views of the community to the school. By understanding the context and the needs of the schools, BoM and the communities, ExxonMobil PNG and other partners are able to provide targeted support and input to the BoM and communities. Importantly, good leadership in schools is able to identify challenges, find solutions and set the vision for the schools,” she said.
Sisa said good governance and leadership of any school were prerequisites to any educational institution in providing quality education to children.
“The unique approach taken in the development of this manual, was that, stakeholders (BoM members, head teachers and community leaders) of the schools were involved in the development, review and practical trial application of the manual before it was finalised,” she said.
Sisa emphasised that the participatory approach taken by Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services resulted in ownership of the product and experienced knowledge of the manual from all stakeholders.
Central Provincial Government Deputy Administrator, Edward Kila acknowledged and thanked ExxonMobil PNG for their continued partnership in helping to deliver such services.
“We hope the BoM manual will be considered for use by the Department of Education for other schools in the country,” he said.
Picture: (L-R) Central Provincial Government Deputy Administrator, Edward Kila, PNG LNG Plant Manager, Murray Bell and Esmie Sinapa display copies of the different modules of the BoM Training Manual.

Fijian Biosecrity Officials travel to PNG's Industrial City of Lae

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A team of technical officials from Fiji and PNG will be visiting Lae tomorrow (Wednesday 28/09/16) to conduct Import Risk Assessment on PNG made products including Trukai Rice and Lae Snax Biscuts.
The officials will visit Trukai Industries Limited, the manufacturer of trukai rice and Paradise Foods Limited for snacks biscuts.
The visit is aimed at specifically resolving the issue of Biosecurity between PNG and Fiji so both countries can trade with each other freely without trade barriers as per the Free Trade Agreement signed between all Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) member countries (MSGTA2).
Minister for Trade Commerce & Industry, Richard Maru said for 10 years, Fiji has not allowed PNG made Ox & Palm into their country on biosecurity reasons therefore this needs to be addressed to allow Ox & Palm and other commercial PNG made products to be exported into Fiji.
He said the PNG Government is keen to see more PNG products entr the Fijian market and other unentered markets in the Pacific.
“Manufacturers of PNG made products including Trukai rice and Ox & Palm can now export their products into Fiji once all issues regarding biosecurity is addressed”, said Minister Maru.
Minister Maru has thanked the Fijian Government for including the Lae leg on their trip.
The delegation from Fiji include Fijian Trade Commissioner to PNG, Mr Navitalai Tuivuniwai, Chief Veterinarian, Dr Sian Watson, Chief Plant Protection Officer,Mr Nilesh Ami Chand and Mr Ronal Prasad who is Team Leader for Trade Facilitation and Compliance.

Mingende Rural Health Centre gets added boost for Children’s Ward

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Mingende Rural Health Centre in Kundiawa, Simbu Province received two newly installed water tanks and 20 mattresses for their children's ward, thanks to BSP's community project initiative.

This donation and completed project was presented to the Health Centre Staff last week during a handover ceremony by BSP Kundiawa staff.

"We know that through this community service, we will leave positive changes in this community. We're pleased that we can give back to the community through the project that we undertake," said Rita Singut, Kundiawa Branch Manager.

The tank installation took a month to complete. A manual task that was undertaken voluntarily by staff and the clinic's handymen, to clear the area, set up and lay the cement base. The branch staff also worked together to do general cleaning, moving of the tank, fitting and painting to complete the project.

"The assistance it will greatly benefit the majority of the rural community in Simbu who seek help at this Health Centre. With the inclusion of the mattresses, we are able to provide more comfort for the patients and the new tanks will ensure that we have enough back up water to use at the clinic and also for patients to use," explained the Health Centre's Secretary, Mary Koai.

She further explained that, the children's ward at Mingenede Health Centre was built in 2014, and has been fully operational with daily admissions. The health Centre is considered as one of the best in the province, providing reliable health services in the community.

Ms Koai added, "The health Centre is one of the main referral clinics to the Kundiawa General Hospital, and we are thankful for the recognition and support from BSP."

Meanwhile, the team at Lae Commercial Centre completed the installation of three new water tanks, a water cooler and an electric water pump for the Taraka Adventist Primary School.

Head teacher, Joshua Yaiwan, was on hand to accept the presentation. He said, "The contribution has an added advantage to the school, as we are able to foster good relationships with local youth groups who use our school facilities for sporting activities. They will have access to clean and constant water supply from the new tanks. We're pleased that BSP has contributed to enhancing this relationship," said Joshua Yaiwan, Head Teacher.

BSP Community project initiatives are well received by the staff and community. The Bank has been giving back to the community through this initiative since 2009. Our contributions focus on health, education, sport and the environment. So far, BSP branches and Strategic Business Units have delivered 29 worthy projects out of 45 projects planned for 2016.

Fiji and PNG Trade issues need speedy recovery, minister Marum says

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Papua New Guinea Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru has told a team of Fiji Government officials that both countries needed to resolve trade issues between them.

Officials from Fiji’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Biosecurity Authority are in Port Moresby to iron out issues regarding the import of certain PNG goods. Maru, said it was in the interest of both countries to reach a speedy resolution to the trade row.

“We are determined to have more of your trade missions here and we would like to come to the Bula country too and bring our goods and our products to Fiji and that’s why this dialogue over the next three days is very important to us well and I want to assure of every support,” said Maru.

Officials representing the two governments are expected to resolve the issue of biosecurity pathways.

They will also discuss other issues that can facilitate bilateral trade. The Fiji delegation includes Trade Commissioner to PNG Navitalai Tuivuniwai, veterinarian Dr Sian Watson, Chief Plant Protection Officer Nilesh Ami Chand and Ronal Prasad, the team leader for trade facilitation and compliance.

PNG is represented by officials from Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry, Department of PM and NEC, Naqia, NISIT, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, High Commissioner to Fiji Lucy Bogari, Department of Agriculture and Livestock and Health.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Siddiq Koya said Fiji was looking forward to stronger trade and economic relations with PNG.... Pacnews

Wobiro seeks non-custodial sentence

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Bailed Western Province Governor Ati Wobiro has sought a non-custodial sentence after been found guilty on charges of missappropriation and conspiracy.
He and 2 others, Dr. Modowa Gumoi and Norman May Carl were charged for misappropriating over K7million belonging to the people of Western Province.

Their lawyers from the Possman Kua Aisi lawyers submitted that that a non-custodial sentence should be given to their clients on grounds the trio never benedited from the funds and that the monies were given to the people.

They also argued that a non-custodial sentence was proper after the accused paid back K1.7million.
Mr. Anthony Kupmain from the Public Prosecutors Office argued that they all serve 50 years imprisonment under the ammended criminal code for offences of misappropriation.
A decision has been reserved for 27 October 2016.

New Measure to control betel nut in Port Moresby city

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The National Capital District Commission in its continuous efforts to maintain a clean betel-nut stain- free city, has introduced a new measure to help regulate the movement of Betel nut into the city.

In a press conference today, NCDC has announced the approval of six new markets in the city to be used for the trading of betel-nut.
Acting Deputy City Manager, Community and Social Services, Lulu Ted made the announcement that Waikele market, Six mile market, 9 mile market, Koki market and Epen’s wholesale near Tete Settlement in Gerehu stage six will be the only locations recognized by the Commission.
Also present was Governor Powes Parkop who acknowledged this and also highlighted the need for Betel-nut movement to be regulated in the city.

“Just like alcohol which is prone to abuse in PNG, Betel-nut is also abused by irresponsible people who chew and spit wherever they want to”.
“This is the problem... This kind of mentality is not only detrimental to the beautification of our city and improvement in health, but also it undermines our social values in the community”.
On that note Governor Parkop urged the general public of the city to become responsible chewers and not contribute to the mentality problem NCDC is dealing with.
Mr Parkop made sure to get his point across by appealing to the people in Pidgin so that the message could be felt by everyone.

He said, “Ino osem mi askim yupla lo mekim roket lo go lo mun... or swim lo Sepik River taim em pulap lo Pukpuk... Taim yu baim buai, karim go lo haus na kaikai! Em tasol, nogat moa hevi blo yumi olgeta!”.
(“It’s not like I’m asking you all to build a rocket to travel to the Moon... or swim across a Crocodile infested Sepik river ... Just buy your buai, go home and chew! That is all! No more problems for everyone.
PNGFM / PNG Today Photo: City Hall /Benard S

Clarke Energy will be diesel engine distributor in PNG

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Seeking to ensure regional customer sales and services excellence for its growing reciprocating engine technology portfolio in the Southwestern Pacific, GE’s Distributed Power business today announced it is establishing an agreement with Clarke Energy to serve as GE’s authorized distributor of the company’s reciprocating gas and diesel engines in Papua New Guinea.

This agreement will cover Jenbacher and Waukesha products and genuine service parts, including Clarke Energy’s fully comprehensive maintenance contracts.

Papua New Guinea has significant gas reserves that can help the country to meet its growing power demands.

The country has a large oil and gas and mining industry, together with a growing population and an underdeveloped electricity network.

From the remote, highland provinces to the major cities such as Port Moresby and Lae, industrial users of power demand reliable, localized power to ensure the smooth operation of their businesses.

Clarke Energy brings extensive international experience of the generation of power from natural gas, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), diesel and renewable fuels such as biogas and landfill gas.

Through certified training programs and on-the-job experience, these skills will be passed on to Papua New Guineans who will participate together with Clarke Energy to help reduce emissions and generate cleaner and/or renewable electricity for their fellow countrymen.

“We are committed to helping Papua New Guinea meet its increasing power demands,” said Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, Executive Channel, GE’s Distributed Power business.

“As the country’s distributed power needs grow, this agreement with Clarke Energy will allow us to better serve our customers.”

“Through GE’s proven Jenbacher and Waukesha product lines and Clarke Energy’s expertise, we are able to provide a cost-effective solution to meet our customers’ needs while helping to stabilize the local power grid,” he said.

Clarke Energy’s Papua New Guinea operations will be supported from the wider group’s engineering pool, with comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction services delivered in parallel with the company’s Adelaide-based Australian operations.

Clarke Energy’s main board director Greg Columbus  said Clarke Energy will focus on delivering quality installations based upon GE’s gas and diesel engine generating sets.

“ As well as gas compression units, backed up by extensive, locally supported after sales service teams, we aim to ensure the highest levels of equipment performance, availability and customer satisfaction,” he added.

Two Chineses nationals attacked by tugs in Port Moresby

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Two Chinese nationals were allegedly attacked by four men believed to be robbers near their shop (Poomo Supermarket) at Koki in the nation’s capital.

The incident happened in the early hours of today leaving one dead and the other sustaining serious knife wounds.

According to Poomo employees working during the night, the two Chinese expatriate were attacked in their home on the second floor of the shop.

One was shot on the chest and the other sustained knife wounds and under critical condition at St. Johns Hospital.

Employees said the incident happened between 2:30am and 2:45am when the men armed with an homemade pistol, a bush knife and knife climbed the 4.8 meters brick wall with a ladder and forced open the iron window bars with a car jack and entered the house.

Sources say that they believe the men did not get anything however had left the two badly wounded and dead.

It was alleged that the men escaped and had dropped their gun and weapons while trying to escape the scene.

Rex Nire a caretaker of a property next to Poomo Trading said that it was a tragic incident that has happened before and it has happened again.

“The four men had gone through the property area and climbed using a ladder made of scrap timbers,” he said.

Reports stated that in 2013 four expatriates operating a bakery business in the same Poomo trade store were hacked to death leaving one reportedly beheaded in the attack.  Post Courier/ PNG Today

Fiji Batis team named to face Samoa

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Fiji Bati coach Mick Potter has named the side to face the Toa Samoa team next Saturday.

Fiji Times reports the side has two boys from the Fiji Residents team and 12 players from the NRL competition and four are playing in local competition in Australia.

The Bati lineup against Samoa on October 8 is: Sitiveni Moceidreke, Tyrone Phillips, Kevin Naiqama, Brayden Williame, Marcelo Montoya, Henry Raiwalui, Maurice Kennedy, Kane Evans, Apisai Koroisau, Vitale Roqica, Viliame Kikau, Eloni Vunakece, Korbin Sims, James Storer, Erevonu Kamikamica, Petero Nakubuwai, Pio Seci and Saimoni Lomaloma. Fiji Times

Fiji Health Ministry eyes foreign doctor recruitment

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Fiji's Health Ministry is allocating substantial resources and effort towards recruiting doctors from overseas to fill gaps in the clinical and public health areas.

This was revealed in Parliament by new Health Minister Rosy Akbar Monday.

She said the ministry made locum arrangements with general practitioners in the country to support the health sector in critical areas.

Calling this arrangement an immediate fix to service delivery, Akbar said they were working with the Civil Service Ministry to fill 879 new positions for medical intendants, consultants, chief, principal and senior medical officers and medical interns and medical interns.

“So far we have filled 553 of those positions, and we will continue to seek qualified professionals for the remaining 326 spots,” she said.

Akbar said the new recruitment efforts came on top of the recent pay rise ranging from 56 per cent to 81 per cent for the doctors, which made major strides in increasing job security and satisfaction.

She told Parliament that the ministry was taking serious measures to ensure service offerings were expanded in hospitals and that chronic issues affecting service delivery were addressed.

“There is no accurate measurement of just how satisfying access to high quality healthcare can be for ordinary people so we must be unrelenting in our own efforts to give every Fijian the knowledge that, should they ever need it, quality healthcare is available,” Akbar said.

She said hospitals needed to be kept clean with professional and friendly attitude displayed by healthcare providers.


Vanuatu Director Trade says imported meat “rubbish”

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The Director of Trade, Sumbe Antas literally labelled imported canned meat from two nearby neighbour countries as “rubbish meat”, during PACER Plus consultations at Warwick Le Lagon last week.

He said he visited a meat factory in one of the countries and found the meat processed was “rubbish”, compared to the prime quality, organic Vila Meat and Santo Meat.

The Director said, “I went to one of those factories and I’ve stopped buying meat from that country ever since, while local consumers keep buying the meat because they believe it tastes great”.

The Director made the remarks to complement assurances from the Office of the Chief Trade Adviser of the Forum Island Countries, who pointed out that the Trade Agreements between the Melanesian Spearhead Group and PACER Plus are not the same.

Chief Trade Adviser Doctor Edwini Kessie said under PACER Plus Agreement, member countries do not have to eliminate all their tariffs.

The Chief Trade Adviser said if for example, the Vanuatu Government wants to protect some of its tariffs under PACER Plus, it will have the right to do so.

He said the Agreement does not oblige Vanuatu to eliminate all its tariffs.

Meanwhile, one popular local meat factories of Vila Meat and Santo Meat were closed down some years ago with the arrival of cheaper tinned meat and fish from Fiji, the Solomons, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

Then Vila Meat Factory owner Dinh Van Than had complained to the Daily Post that he could not compete with the cheap prices of imported tinned tuna, fish and meat due to the high costs of manufacturing materials to continue to operate his Vila Meat Factory .


Two Pacific academicsl graduate with PhDs

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The first Pacific academics at the University of Auckland's business school are two Tongan New Zealand women, graduating today with PhDs.

Sisikula Sisifa and Ilaisaane Fifita, both 31, started working as research fellows at the Business School this year.

“When I was a student, I wished there were Pacific female academics in the business school,” said Sisifa.

“Now I get comments from students saying that it's nice to see a brown female face standing at the front of the class.”

Fifita said one young male Pacific student told her that having her as an undergraduate tutor had inspired him to do an honours degree.

For Sisifa, her graduation will be bittersweet. She and her family will be immensely proud of her achievements - she’s the first to get a doctorate in her family. But there’s sorrow too. Her management PhD topic and her decision to pursue doctorate were both inspired by her father, Alekisanita Sisifa, who passed away suddenly in her third year.

“He was proud and very supportive when I started,” she said. “It's sad he won't be able to bask in this milestone with us.”

For her PhD, she examined management practices in five development projects in Tonga, and found cultural differences in thinking about management practices undermined the projects’ success.

Fifita is graduating with a PhD in Marketing. She researched why Tongan and Pakeha female non-smokers don’t smoke, and hopes her findings will help design of public health campaigns to persuade other women not to take up the habit.

How does it feel being a trailblazing young female academic? Empowering - and a big responsibility.

Fifita: “I feel a responsibility to other Pacific young people, to students, to my own family, nieces and nephews.”

As Pacific women, Sisifa and Fifita intimately understand the obligations to family and church that many Pacific students have to juggle with their studies.

Sisifa says that her family keep her grounded, reminding her she’s a “normal person with flaws” as well as a role model. “My siblings do that on a daily basis.”

Sisifa is the second youngest of four brothers and one sister. Tongan-born, she went to live with her grandmother in Auckland as a pre-schooler, and went back and forth between Tonga and New Zealand during her childhood.

By her mid-teens, the rest of her family had migrated to New Zealand. Her father was the director of the Land Resource Division at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, a regional development organisation. Her mother, Siulolovao, works in hospitality.

Sisifa went to Auckland Girls Grammar and gained a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Management at Massey University.

Moving to the University of Auckland was intimidating at first she says. “It’s such a big university, and so prestigious, and you worry you’ll just be a number. But I’ve had a lot of support here, especially when Dad died. It was the best decision I ever made.”

Fifita is the youngest of five, with two brothers and two sisters. She grew up in Tonga, moving to Auckland for her final year of secondary school. Her parents, Tevita Misa Fifita and Hola Fifita, operate a family business in Tonga.

“I grew up watching my parents work hard to build a business from scratch,” she says. “I was always keen to study business and help my family.”

She did a Bachelor of Business and Information Management, a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree and a Master of Commerce in Marketing at the University of Auckland.

“There is sometimes a perception that marketing is just about advertising, but that’s just one aspect. It can also has be used to improve the consumer’s wellbeing and the welfare of a society.”

Her PhD research promises to do just that. She interviewed 27 Tongan New Zealand and New Zealand European women, to see whether the way a person defines themselves in relation to others influences their motivations for resisting pressure to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

She’d watched family members suffer with, and some die of smoking-related diseases, and worries for her nieces and nephews.

One in four Pacific adults smoke in New Zealand, compared to 15 per cent of New Zealand Europeans and 10 per cent of Asian New Zealanders. And while smoking used to be taboo for Pacific women, it’s now seen as a symbol of independence by some younger women.

It’s assumed that Pacific women’s sense of self is anchored in family - as daughters, sisters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, wives and mothers, rather than as individuals, she says. Current anti-smoking or quit campaigns targeting Pacific women urge them to quit or resist for the sake of their family, appealing to this “interdependent” self.

But the Tongan women in her study also had an independent sense of self alongside the interdependent one, and their reasons for not smoking or quitting arose from both.

“It’s important to highlight both family values and empowerment and independence to young Pacific women to increase their ability to say ‘no’ to smoking, especially in situations of peer pressure,” says Fifita.

Her supervisor, Associate Professor of Marketing Karen Fernandez, says she’s “extremely” proud of Fifita’s work.

Fifita is now applying for funding for research into e-cigarettes and alcohol consumption.

Sisifa’s PhD research found that cultural differences in thinking about management practices undermine the success of development projects.

“Many of the projects implemented in Tonga don’t yield the outcomes envisioned at the outset,” she says. “Project management practices and frameworks play an integral role in facilitating good development outcomes, but are often overlooked."

With Tonga receiving a substantial amount of donor aid funding towards development projects, the wasted potential is significant.

“Donor agencies and international consultants need to understand there are cultural nuances and adapt their practices. The different Tongan ministries need to make their systems more efficient and effective,” she says.

Sisifa’s supervisor, Professor Nigel Haworth, says her research is "innovative and even path-breaking, and expertly handled", calling her a “first-class teacher”.

Both women intend to pursue a career in academia.


Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill keen on Cuban doctors

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Discussions to bring Cuban doctors to work in Papua New Guinea will be held in November.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, in a statement issued by his office this afternoon, said the country should have an open policy when it comes to tackling its health challenges.

“Disease and illness do not observe borders, and we in Papua New Guinea must have an open policy to bring in expertise and skills where we can find them around the world. Expanding universal healthcare is a core policy of our Government, and we are working to increase the number of healthcare professionals that serve our people,” he said.

“We have increased the number of young doctors and nurses coming through our system, and we are talking with our partners overseas.

We will continue discussion with Cuba on the prospect for bringing doctors to work in our districts. I also met today with representatives from China’s Health Department who shared their experience in dealing with Malaria in Africa.”

In a meeting with Dr Shin Young-soo, the World Health Organization's regional director for the Western Pacific, the PM shared an update on current healthcare policy developments in the nation and the ongoing desire to further engage with the WHO.

“The programs delivered by the World Health Organization have made a real difference in our country. This includes the Global Polio Eradication Initiative that is spearheaded by the World health Organization. The initiative is an important step towards a polio-free world.”

Mr O’Neill said the the program that has been rolled out in the current term of Government has is having successes, but more work is needed.

“We have changed the way healthcare is delivered in Papua New Guinea. You can see this in the way we have refurbished and restored many of our hospitals.

The change that has occurred in Port Moresby General Hospital in the past few years is just one example. We still have a way to go, but we are making progress and this is keeping more of our people alive and families in good health,” he added.

Dream Ace Empire launches website

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Dream Ace Empire, a non governmental organisation is paving the way forward in supporting people who are neglected and are left without the care of their parents.

 The Organisation headed by Indian Doctor, Dr Rupanand Palaniandy is worldwide; however it is its first time in PNG and has plans on extending it throughout Oceania countries.
The organisations' aim is basically to help people who are committed to adding value to the development of the nation by doing their small part in the space of special needs, Christian fellowship and peer education on the proper ways of life.

The group launched its website page at the Cheshire Disability Homes on the weekend and also to pass on the message, that children with special needs are worth more then been given presents and donations by private and state own companies.
This gift is special because it will benefit them in a big way and help them to look beyond their dreams. The website page is called the FDI System which is similar to Whatsapp and Facebook, where this kids will benefit big time as it looks at making them earn themselves pocket money when they are registered.
Dr. Palaniandy is also urging interested people to join the group as they look at setting up an office once things are finalized.
The simple way to register is to download the Application, fill in the details and then you register in Categories.
The First Category is Professional Level, which costs K1700, and the second is Cooperate level at K1500 and the Junior Package costs K210.

Read more on >> PNG Technology News

Telikom PNG announces K1.5 m sponsorship for FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup 2016

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Papua New Guinea’s major telecommunications partner Telikom PNG come on board as the national supporter of the Fifa U-20 Womens World Cup PNG 2016 by committing 1.5Million Kina continuing its long association with football PNG.
“The sponsorship is a culmination of the enormous support Telikom PNG has provided football over the years and we are proud that they (Telikom PNG) have again provided
their support toward hosting the highest level of football to be hosted right here in the country,” said President of PNG Football Association, David Chung.
Telikom PNG 2015 was able to deliver quality broadcasts for the Pacific Games to the nation and the nearby Pacific countries and are now looking forward to showing PNG to
the world when PNG hosts the under 20 Fifa Womens World cup PNG 2016 and the communications provider now joins Air Niugini as a national supporter to the FIFA U-20 tournament along with FIFA’S global partners, Kia Motors, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa, Wanda Group of Companies and Gazprom.
“As the major sponsor in the corporate sponsor for football in the country particularly the national league it is encouraging to see our local players and teams take to the regional and world tournaments and competitions. It gives a sense of pride that our sponsorship is not only developing young talented footballers but also providing support capacity to host major
International sporting competions such as the FIFA World Cup event”. Said Telikom Chief Executive Officer Michael Donnelly.
With Telikom PNG coming on board as a national supporter the tally now moves to two (2) national supporters allocated to the FIFA U-20 Womens World cup with four (4) position
available to assist in hosting a successful tournament, and a call for more corprate companies to come on board and take up the spaces for sponsorship.
PNG Football Association President David Chung ended with a call to all Papua New Guineans who will be in Port Moresby on the 13th of November 2016 to December the 3rd 2016 to join PNG Football Association and Telikom PNG in celebrating the festival of Womens football by attending many matches and filling up the stadiums to show the world PNG loves and enjoys sports and welcome the guests from across the globe that are taking part in the beautiful game. PNGFM

Indonesia responds to leaders of six Pacific countries on West Papua claims

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Indonesia has exercised its right of reply at the United Nations General Assembly debate in New York last week to respond to allegations of human rights abuses in Papua and West Papua by leaders of six Pacific Islands Countries.

A representative of Indonesia attacked leaders of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and Tonga for what she claims was ‘lack of understanding on the history and progressive developments’ happening in these two provinces.’

She exhorted the Pacific Leaders to stick to discussing the impacts of climate change than ‘interfere in Indonesia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.’

“Indonesia is shocked to hear that at this august body where leaders are gathered to debate the early implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the transformation of our collective actions and other global challenges such as climate change, of which the Pacific countries are affected the most, the said leaders chose instead to violate the UN charter by interfering in other country’s sovereignty and violating its territorial integrity.’

“We categorically reject the continuing insinuations in their statements. They clearly reflect an unfortunate lack of understanding of the history, current developments and on-going progressive developments in Indonesia including the provinces of Papua and West Papua.’

The Indonesian diplomat said the statements by the six Pacific Leaders were ‘politically motivated designed to support separatist groups in the two provinces who have consistently engaged inciting public disorder and conducting armed terrorist attacks on civilian and security personnel.’

“Evidently, the statements by those leaders clearly violates the purposes and objectives of the UN Charter and violates the principles of friendly nations amongst states as well as the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.

She claimed the Pacific states are using the General Assembly to advance their domestic agenda and for some countries to divert attention from political and social problems at home.

“These countries are using false and fabricated information as the basis of their statements. The conduct of these countries undermine the UN charter and are detrimental to the credibility of this assembly, said the Indonesian diplomat.

She maintains that Indonesia’s commitment to the protection of human rights is unquestionable. Indonesia is a founding member of the UN Human Rights Council and has sat as member of the council for three previous periods and is now serving its fourth term.

“Indonesia is among few countries who have a continued national action plan on Human Rights, active national and robust national commission on human rights since 1993, vibrant civil society and free media. We have a full fledge democracy in full function.

“It would be nearly impossible for any human rights allegations to go unnoticed and unscrutinised. We have domestic mechanisms in place at the national level and at provincial level in Papua and West Papua.”

She said Indonesia will continue to focus on the development of Papua and West Papua provinces in the best interest of all and ended with a well-known saying in the Asia Pacific region, ‘when one points the index finger to others, the thumb finger automatically points to one’s face.


Fijian government to reduce dependence on foreign aid

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Speaking in Fiji's parliament , Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed the government and development partners are taking a unified approach to aid.

Sayed-Khaiyum says there is a long term plan for Fiji to become self-reliant.

“Ultimately our goal is, that one day we won’t need aid. We don’t want to be dependent on aid. Fiji is one of the lowest recipients of aid in the Southern Pacific. Certain Pacific Island countries, nearly ninety percent of their entire budget is driven by aid,” said Sayed Khaiyum.

Donor funding makes up about five percent of Fiji’s annual budget.

Meanwhile, the Fijian Parliament will on Thursday debate on whether or not MPs should have their sitting allowances increased.

This comes following the tabling of a report on the revision of salaries and allowances for MPs which was tabled by the Emoluments committee in the house today.

Committee chairperson Dr Brij Lal says changes to sitting allowances are needed.

“The committee is not recommending an increase in salary primarily because the nation is still recovering from Winston, but what is proposed however is an adjustment to allowances only to reflect the roles of MPs in their various functions. We have seen the hardship by MPs, thus and these adjustments are necessary that these MPs receive adequate support in pursuit of their duties.”

Currently MPs are entitled to a daily sitting allowance of $80.00 (US$40) for both parliament and committee sessions.


PNG Leaders betraying the country’s future generation : Polye

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If leaders fail to correct their mistakes, they are betraying the country’s future, says Opposition Leader Don Polye.

“I am surprised to see that our fellow MPs in the government are pretending as if everything is just fine. “I see it as a betrayal of the next generations,” Mr Polye told a huge crowd in Porgera, Enga province.

He claimed that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government have created many problems for the country and cannot solve them all during whilst serving their term in office.

“The well-being of the country and its people in the long future is determined by the decisions and conduct of leaders today.

“My observation of the conduct and performance of the government under Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is that he is creating a debt-burdened, stressful and unsustainable economy with our children struggling in economic recession in a night-mare of multiple social ills with declining human development index.

“The current government has no understanding of the future whilst it enjoys in debauchery of serving preferred business interests and running away from lawful pursuit,” said Mr Polye.

He said the Prime Minister was too blind to see the future, adding he has created so many problems in his time of Prime Minister that he cannot solve all of them within his tenure.

Polye said a strong commitment to rule of law and justice saves and secures the nation and her people, not just the police, warders and defence force.

“Therefore, leaders and grassroots alike must be subject to rule of law and Constitution without any resistance, evasion and obstruction to course of justice.

“Those leaders who defy the laws and breach the Constitution are definitely not leaders at all, rather they are opportunists,” he said. He said the signs and symptoms of the country’s cash flow problem were clear-cut.

Polye added that the laws and the systems of governance were bent and twisted for political convenience by those in authority, saying yet they do not seem to take to heed of the wrong path the country is heading.

He has urged them not to compromise their principles for their personal gain. “Leaders of advanced economies always shape a better future for the next generation.

“In PNG it is different so we have to stop it for a better future,” he said. He further said democracy had been eroding and that he warned that Parliament should fix it.

“Our ignorance will inflict a doomed and gloomy future for our children. “Our debt is more than K30 billion which has breached the legal ceiling under the Fiscal Responsibility Act,” he said.

Oro treasury office ransacked

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The Oro Provincial Treasury Office was broken into on Wednesday (21/09/16) night following a clean-up exercise by the Oro Provincial Government into the Provincial Treasury.

A frustrated Governor Gary Juffa stated that the continued effort to address corruption in Oro has uncovered what appears to be a syndicate of individuals including administration, treasury and bank staff collaborating with criminals and other private citizens to defraud the province and the people of their funds and is revealing interesting names.

Juffa said the most recent break into the provincial Treasury office was yet another indicator that certain people in Oro who are involved were hell bent on covering their tracks but added this would not deter the work his office was undertaking with the police.
He said for too long Oro had been in the grips of criminals who has found ways to bypass processes and procedures and checks to steal public funds and the result has been a province stagnated in the past 40 years.

These were actions by well-educated and trusted officers who have been placed there to serve as public servants, he said.
It was unusual that the treasury office was broken into when it did not have any cash or item of value but information, he said.

Governor Juffa said it was also suspicious that it occurred after the new Provincial Treasurer had started to put his foot down and had demanded accountability and proper procedures be followed.
“There will be no hiding as we are ready to reveal all. The thieves and criminals are not those on the streets with guns but those in offices with folders and fraudulent documents. It is no surprise to me as we have a new treasurer and PPC and we will get to the bottom of this,” said Juffa who is also sector chairman for finance and had been insisting on financial reports from Treasury and Oro Administration for months.

PNG Tourism Promotions in China

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Promoting tourism in Papua New Guinea is not only done in the country, but also in other countries where there is a good number of potential Tourists.
And one country under that catergory is China. With a population of roughly 1.3 billion people, think of the number of Tourists the PNG can attract.

James Qian, a Destination Marketing representative of PNG that markets PNG’s Tourism in China believes that to attract the Chinese market, more promotional campaigns need to be done to the curious Chinese people who may not know anything, or maybe little of PNG. He also highlighted an important tool that needs to be in place to help link Chinese tourists to this country.
“We hear there is a plan in place to have a direct flight to China. This is great news for tourism in PNG because we will see a growth of Chinese tourists coming to PNG”.
He said his team who are based in Shanghai and work under the Tourism Promotions Authority of PNG, once in a while travel to International expositions and showcase PNG’s diverse cultures and destinations.

“We have been going around small expo’s and to a number of International ones showcasing PNG but because of little funding, our operations are a bit slow”.
James and two other Destination Marketing representatives (picture above) from China are here for the National Tourism Conference. One is a Papua New Guinean woman living in China.


Officer in court for allowing suspect to escape

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A police officer is in court for allegedly allowing a murder suspect to escape from custody at the Boroko Police station in Port Moresby.
It was alleged that the accused Tony Leo from Western Highlands was on duty on the 10th of March 2016 when other police officers brought in to custody a male murder suspect who killed his own wife on that same day.

The suspect escaped during the 7pm-3am shift and it is understood that Mr Leo was on duty on that shift when the incident happened.

Currently, the police officer is out on bail and the Waigani Committal Court has adjourned his case to the 6th of October when he failed to turn up for court yesterday. PNGFM / PNG Today

Data Collection and Analysis to Boost Health Service in PNG

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In any public service in the country collection and compilation of data to improve services remains a challenge. A group of 20 health workers all over the country have just completed a training funded by the USAID and facilitated FHi360 aimed at utilising the data collected in their health centres.

This Training is to build the capacity of health workers to be able to analyse the data they collect instead of sending raw data to the National Department of Health monthly.

According to the FHi360 country Director Mr David Tesfaye, this is to ensure that health workers pass on vital information as observed in clinical work in relation to the data collected for better policy implication.
The participants are from all over the country and they will take back with them the training on HIV Surveillance and how to use it to combat the deadly epidemic.
Photo Courtesy of FHI360 : PNGFM

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Government challenged to arouse PNG's "sleeping Giant" in tourism

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The opening of the Tourism Conference this morning with the theme “Tourism for Development” has once again
highlighted that the Government needs to do more in Papua New Guinea’s sleeping giant Tourism industry.

PNG remains largely undiscovered as one of the last frontiers on earth, this is because its products and
destinations is undeveloped, the Tourism Industry alone in the country contributes less than 2% in GDP which is a stark
contrast to figures in the Pacific region which stand at 9-10 % according to recent UN reports.

“Tourism is no longer seen as a past time activity anymore but is now taken seriously as a development enabler, it’s also seen
as a vehicle that is fostering greater understanding tolerance and acceptance between communities, communities that are non related
like Japan and China who although have had differences in the past, through Tourism are fostering new relationships.” Said Minister for Tourism
Arts & Cultures Hon. Tobias Kulang in his keynote discourse at the conference.

PNG remains largely inaccessible because of its geographical and infrastructure challenges, over 85 percent remains in customary lands and under
developed and over much of the population remains unengaged in the informal sector and unemployed, adding to the diversity in the languages
this along with tourist attractions from diving to bird watching remains undeveloped and unexplored and more needs to put into tourism by the
government because this industry has potential to grow and underwrite the economic development of this country into the future even after oil and gas.

“If we want serious development in the country we need serious dollars, this is a very important industry, it is cost cutting that can
employ the masses over 85 percent of the people who are stuck out there, there is room for people that are technically qualified to the mums and dads
that are tending the garden to sell produce to feed the tourist that venture into this country, we need the volume in this country we need innovative people
we need industry player not to be greedy but come down and generate and generate the volume for the future and the Government must come down to the
table and stop taking the free ride at the back of the windfall gains of oil and gas gold and copper forever they must at last make the concerted effort to generate
growth in a sustainable industry like Tourism”. Said Minister Kulang in his closing remarks.


Australian PM's XIII thrash PNG 58 - 0

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The Australian PM's XIII  thrashed  NGCB PNG PM's XIII  58 - 0  in front of a sold-out crowd of over 15 000 people at  the National Football Stadium tonight.

The game was a  David and Goliath battle. The Australians filled in full strength Kangaroos to take on the PNG side which was dominated by the Digicel Cup players . The game began with the official kick off by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

The Australians scored first in the five minute through Josh Dugan. Mitchell converted the try and the visitors led 6 - 0.  The visitors  scored again after two minutes later through  Blake Ferguson .The conversion was successful from Mitchell and the visitors led 12 - 0.   Another try from Semi Radradra extended the lead to 16 - 0.  Aussie Captain, Greg Inglis sent the crowd in rapture  as he  muscled his way over to slam the ball down and do his trademark Goanna crawl. Conversion was successful and the visitors led 22 - 0 at half-time.

In the second half, the Australia dominated possession with brutal defence.

Inglis grabbed his second in style in the 54th minute somersaulting over on the wing.
There was no stopping the Australians who after one hour of the match, were up 32-0 after one hour of the match had been played.

The last four tries came easy to Tyson Frizell, Moses, Ferguson, Mbye and the last was scored by Moses again seconds before the full time siren off a Matt Moylan kick.

The Australian PM'S XIII 58 beat PNG 0

Digicel Play broadcasts PM’s XIII live this Saturday

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Football fans across the nation will be in for a treat this Saturday when Digicel Play broadcasts the 2016 PM’s XIII live and free on TVWAN.

The live broadcast from the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby will begin at 1pm, with the Kick-off Program where the two captains will toss a coin to determine the start of play. The official game will kick off at 4:30pm.

Digicel Play CEO Nico Meyer said was delighted to be the official broadcaster of the PM’s XIII.  “We know what the people in PNG love, and rugby league is one of their favourite passions,” he said.

“The PM’s XIII is one of the most-anticipated sporting matches of the year and we are proud to broadcast the game so that everyone can get involved in the action.

“We know it is not possible for everyone to attend the game at the National Football Stadium on Saturday and it’s important that we provide the opportunity for people across the country to view the game regardless of where they are in PNG.

“We have a dedicated production crew who will be positioned throughout the stadium to ensure viewers can experience all the excitement of the game as if they have front seats in the stadium.”

Digicel is also a proud sponsor of the PM’s XIII Australian side.

Great co-operation will benefit both Bangladesh and PNG

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The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill  would like to see a strengthening of economic and political relations with the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Speaking after a courtesy call from the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, H.E. Nazmul Quaunine, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh shares a number of similar developmental challenges to Papua New Guinea and there are lessons that can be learned from these experiences.

The Prime Minister also noted that the two countries are affected by a number of the same global political issues and should work closer together in international forums.

“Bangladesh is a developing country that is active in many of the same sectors as Papua New Guinea, and we have the opportunity to share experience and encourage greater investment between our two countries.

“This includes agriculture, fisheries, forestry products and also in oil and gas.

“The commonalities in our economies also means that Bangladesh faces similar economic challenges due to lower commodity prices and a slowdown in larger economies.

“Our officials in these relevant sectors will now have greater communication with a view to sharing information that will benefit both countries.”

The Prime Minister further made the point that dealing with global issues such as climate change are of great importance for both countries.

“Bangladesh has been hit by severe disasters in recent years,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“There has been substantial loss of life and property because of extreme weather brought about by climate change.

“Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and countries in similar positions must continue to speak with one voice at the United Nations and other global forums.

“Bangladesh is a country of around one hundred and seventy million people who are very exposed to the risks of climate change, so we must work together on this issue.”

PM O’Neill also thanked the High Commissioner for the contribution being made by the growing number of citizens of Bangladesh who are working in Papua New Guinea in fields such as medicine and engineering.

“We thank the professionals who have come to work in our country for their contribution they make to healthcare, and in the delivery of major developments such as the LNG projects.”


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