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PNG Tourism Promotions in China

Promoting tourism in Papua New Guinea is not only done in the country, but also in other countries where there is a good number of potential Tourists.
And one country under that catergory is China. With a population of roughly 1.3 billion people, think of the number of Tourists the PNG can attract.

James Qian, a Destination Marketing representative of PNG that markets PNG’s Tourism in China believes that to attract the Chinese market, more promotional campaigns need to be done to the curious Chinese people who may not know anything, or maybe little of PNG. He also highlighted an important tool that needs to be in place to help link Chinese tourists to this country.
“We hear there is a plan in place to have a direct flight to China. This is great news for tourism in PNG because we will see a growth of Chinese tourists coming to PNG”.
He said his team who are based in Shanghai and work under the Tourism Promotions Authority of PNG, once in a while travel to International expositions and showcase PNG’s diverse cultures and destinations.

“We have been going around small expo’s and to a number of International ones showcasing PNG but because of little funding, our operations are a bit slow”.
James and two other Destination Marketing representatives (picture above) from China are here for the National Tourism Conference. One is a Papua New Guinean woman living in China.


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