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IRC challenged to deliver : Lupari

Staff of the Internal Revenue Commission were told to deliver in their duties as team and to increase their productivity levels to support our crumbling economy.

Chief Secretary Ambassador Issac Lupari, been the first Chief Secretary out of Waigani to visit the IRC staff, said he wanted the staff to promote the concept of team work in all public offices.
“A lot of issues within the public service stems from attitude towards work which contributes to a major hindrance in delivery of services,” said Mr. Lupari.

He called on the staff to connect well and promote unity and team work in the deliverance of services to the people
He said the right attitude had a lot to do with cohesiveness and with public service machinery been a monster, it needed to function to see basic services trickling down to the people.

“Public services are failing because the enforcers are not delivering expected outcomes.”
Commissioner General Betty Palaso commended the Chief Secretary for his encouragements and said so much has been delivered in his remarks and it was up to the staff to respond.
She said next year will be challenging and called on her staff to deliver to expectations set using government support.
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