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Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion demands Apology from Post Courier for untrue reporting

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Inter Government Relations, Grand Chief Hon. Leo Dion  has demanded the Post-Courier retract a front page story (26/0117) claiming he had changed political parties.

“What an absolute rubbish excuse for journalism on the front page of the Post-Courier today,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.
"I am a member of the Peoples National Congress and I will go to the election as a member of the People’s National Congress.

"I have made commitment to the Prime Minister and the Peoples’ National Congress to go to this election as a unified team.
“We have confidence that the people of our nation will look at the achievements of the past five years, and vote to return our Government to continue this job.
“You just have to look at the facts, the PNC-led Government, under Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, has delivered real outcomes for this nation “Peter O’Neill is the only Prime Minister has delivered such a high level over services in healthcare and education, in police reform and infrastructure development to our people.

“The PNC-led Government is a unified team of committed Members of Parliament who are advancing the economy of this nation.
“People can just look around their villages, towns and cities and see the positive change that has taken place.
"The Prime Minister has my undivided loyalty, and support and together with all PNC members, we will present ourselves to the people of this nation for re-election.
Deputy Prime Minister Dion said careless reporting must not be part of election coverage because news organisations have a responsibility to be accurate and show integrity.

“It makes me angry to see such unprofessional journalism, and I demand an apology from the Post-Courier for their misleading coverage.
“As the people of our nation prepare to vote, I call upon all news agencies to be responsible in their reporting and check the facts that they present to the public.
“I call on reporters to not report on rumours, but to be professional journalists.”
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