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Government Declined Request for Gaming License in Tonga

The Government had declined the second request from a Native American Owned Casino Company – Red Warrior to establish a Gaming system in Tonga.

Minister of Revenue and Customs Hon. Tevita Lavemaau said, Government only approved the proposal for the development project which includes constructing hotels in Tongatapu and Vava’u.

The request for a gaming system was rejected because it is illegal and if approved the current legislation will have to be amended.

He added the location for the construction is yet to be identified in Fua’amotu and they are currently finishing the process and designing the development project.

A news agency in America had published that Red Warrior Entertainment announced a license issues from the Government of Tonga upon approval by Cabinet.

Red Warrior Entertainment is a company specializing in Casino Resort with strategic business efforts in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.
Source: TBC
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