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International Satellite operator given license to operate in PNG

A first international satellite operator was granted license today to operate in Papua New Guinea.

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority, presented three licenses to the Asia Broadcast Satellite, to incorporate its company, ABS Global Satellite Limited to operate in the country.

This breakthrough means ABS Global Satellite is now licensed to provide data and internet services over facilities and infrastructure for its PNG customers.

ABS Global Satellite is also now approved to provide international connectivity services for international voice and data connectivity and province internet voice and data services in the country.

The company's Managing Director, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, Gabriel Pimental, says the venture aims at ultimately providing cost-effective internet connectivity to as much of Papua New Guinea's rural areas.

"Traditionally, we've been providing space segment boundaries, but we believe we can go one step further where necessary, not just to rely as a satellite capacity provider, but to start to develop services off the ground, to enable a cheaper satellite value that we bring, to be passed on to the consumers.

"By coming here we are indeed providing much more competition to the established service providers.

"Competition has always resolved to the benefit of the consumers."

NBC News / PNG Today
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