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PNGEC not compromising the democracy of Election processes : Commissioner

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, said he is not compromising the democracy of the election process, defending the commission's decision to print PNG's 10-million ballot papers in Indonesia.

Mr Gamato said the Electoral Commission is adding six more security features onto three others used in the 2012 election ballot papers.

This is a more improved version with line security features embedded into it.

"For security reason,s I cannot disclose any security features but I’m saying it is a more improved one, because in the last ballot paper the 2012 ballot paper there were only two or three security features," Mr Gamato said.

"We are not compromising the security of this country, the important thing to note is that we have to secure the ballot papers."

Meantime the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has been taken to task by the Opposition, with it demanding he reveal the ownership of the Indonesian company which has been engaged to print the ballot papers.

Opposition Leader Don Polye said there is more to the printing deal than meets the eye, and that the ownership of the company's PNG agent must also be revealed.

NBC News/ PNG Today
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