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Digicel plans new hotel for Samoa

The Chairman of Digicel Samoa Fiaailetoa Pepe Christian Fruen, says their latest initiative in tourism is the company’s contribution to the country.

Digicel has been looking at entering Samoa’s tourism industry with plans to build a hotel.

Fiaailetoa says it’s a great initiative by Government to focus on tourism by giving local businesses a chance to build the country’s tourism sector.

“The idea is to bring in more flights to Samoa and Digicel having being a very big name in the Pacific, we know we can contribute to that goal, so that’s why we are in talks of building a five-star hotel,” he said.

“Digicel is keen to invest in our tourism by supporting government focuses such as this,” he said.

The company is yet to make any formal announcements on the plan.

“I’d say two or less years, probably next year towards the end and we would have the correct info on it. As for the total price, it’ll all have to wait until then. We are working on the papers for it,” Fiaailetoa added.

“Digicel has worked with hotels a lot, but this is the first one in the Pacific, which is why I’m excited to get it under way because it’s good to have Samoa be the first in the Pacific to establish a hotel by the company,” he said.
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