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PM O'Neill betrays his Kandep people : Polye

PORT MORESBY: Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has denied his Kandep people with projects worth more than K150 million,Opposition Leader Don Polye yesterday (Wednesday) told a crowd at upper Marientin Kandep, Enga.

Mr Polye said the projects included K40 million for the rehabilitation of Laiagam-Kandep road, K90 million for Wasa bridge and K20 million for the upgrading of all the feeder roads in the district.
“The denial of these much-needed infrastructure developments does not mean that the leadership in the district has failed the people.
“I have delivered some impact projects including the Kandep-Mendi road sealing,” he told them.
The Opposition Leader was speaking at an event where supporters of his rival candidates from eight wards in the Upper Marient surrendered and vowed to support him in this year’s election.
He said despite the funds for the projects were factored in 2013 Budget, they were all diverted elsewhere.

Polye added that this meant that the Prime Minister was the most powerful politician in the country with great authority vested to him by the country’s laws.
“Politics should be played at proper forums and not diverting funds like this. If he succeeds O’Neill this election, he will not divert funds meant for the people of Ialibu-Pangia,” a concerned Polye said.
He stated that this would become a lesson for them to fully support him to contend for the country’s top post.
“It is true that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has the financial and systematic power to rig the election.
“Let me assure you (his people) that I have, first, God’s power and, second, the people’s to defeat him,” he said.
He said Kandep had a legend of their leader one day leading the country, adding if he was given the chance to do so, it will only be fulfilling that.
Polye said the Opposition was confident of forming the next government, given the unprecedented level of corruption, breach of rule of law, undermining good governance, erosion of democracy and the government-induced economic crisis. Press Release
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