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PNG deports Nepalese man after his refusal to leave

Papua New Guinea has deported a non-refugee from Nepal to his country after he refused to voluntarily travel last Thursday.

This is part of the PNG Government’s process to shut down the Manus Processing Centre and take especially the 168 non-refugees back to their place of origin. Most of the Nepalese non-refugees have voluntarily returned to their country of origin, Nepal and only about five are remaining on Manus Island.

Police in Manus have denied and refuted reports published and circulating worldwide about a massive forced deportation from the Manus Regional Processing Centre early hours of yesterday.

Reports published internationally reported that 10 policemen and security guards tried to take two Nepalese asylum seekers for forced deportation. The reports, taken from the refugees in the centre also alleged that refugees were offered up to nearly K50,000 to go back.

Immigration officials denied the report but advised that the government was now carrying out and implementing the Supreme Court decision to deport the non-refugees and eventually close down the MRPC.

Manus police commander David Yapu yesterday appealed for the international media to seek proper clarification at all times.

"These reports cannot be misconstrued by international media and human rights activists who want to serve their interest," Mr Yapu said. I am not aware of this incident and I would have been advised."

The Immigration officials also denied the latter and appealed to reporters whether local or international to double check their facts at all times.
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