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Tonga has untapped potential, says Business Council leader

Tonga has plenty to offer investors, according to the head of the New Zealand Tonga Business Council.

     Speaking ahead of a three day visit to the kingdom next week, NZTBC chair Sione Taufa said Tonga had much for people wanting to do business in the Pacific region.

“It has unique human capital, with well educated, English-speaking people and it boasts an economy with great potential,” Taufa said.

“Its industries are still growing, so there is a lot of room for development.

“Tonga has the untapped potential of a rapidly growing youth population and a special cultural heritage which is seen in all aspects of life – and in business.”

The New Zealand Business Council will send a delegation to the kingdom for three days on February 15.

The visit is intended to explore new investment opportunities and strengthening existing relationships.

More than 30 people will travel to Nuku’aofa.

Taufa said the delegation would include people from a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, renewable energy, energy storage, education, health care, the NZ Government, tourism and consumer goods.

He said a representative from Maori Iwi would accompany the group.

Delegates will attend business breakfasts, conference style presentations, one-on-one meetings, site visits, networking events and  a trade showcase.

They will also attend the opening of the Tanoa International Dateline hotel by His Majesty King Tupou VI.

“We want to work on set goals to help facilitate increased trade between Tonga and New Zealand,” Taufa said.
Source:  Kaniva news
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