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UN Annual Contribution Error resolved, PNG calls on Foreign Media to Check Facts

PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato
Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration,  Rimbink Pato  said the delay in the payment of membership contribution to the United Nations is an administrate issue and is being resolved.

He said there was an error that saw the contribution funds used for ongoing operations, and this is being resolved through the transfer of additional funds.

“If the journalist behind the article had of checked with appropriate sources, the article on UNGA funds would not have been a story,” the Foreign Minister said.

“The remittance of funds to overseas missions involves payments for different diplomatic purposes.
“In the case of the UN contributions, the funds were simply used for other operational areas.
“This had been realised and by Friday the transfer of additional funds was underway with the allocation due to arrive in PNG UN Mission account over the weekend.
“The misunderstanding was likely also compounded due to reform and change being undertaken in foreign missions that can take time for systems to adjust.

“I am working towards a leaner and more effective Papua New Guinea diplomatic corps, with better-trained personnel and systems that reduce and eliminate wastage.
“These reforms will see enhanced operations in area overseas representation, greater engagement with international and regional organisations as well as ensuring the maintenance of our state assets in good working condition.”
The Foreign Minister said the start of the financial year, from January to February, was often fiscally tighter than later months for the Government, but to use this to talk-down the Papua New Guinea economy is misleading.

“The economy is in a better position than doom and gloom merchants would have you believe,” the Minister said.
“We are emerging from a challenging period with reduced commodity prices, but we are seeing a rebound that is strengthening the economy.
“Our economy is into the fifteenth year of positive economic growth, and debt and inflation are under control.
“Despite the recent global downturn, the Government was able to manage pressures and not reduce critical service delivery.
“We do have foreign currency access concerns that are being resolved, and have improved since last year.
“If the foreign reporter had sought to check the facts the sensationalism could have been avoided.
“Instead they created a story that linked an electricity payment issue of a separate department, a company with contested contractual arrangements in another country, and from this created negative story.
“The ABC is a news agency with a proud history of integrity and I hope they check the facts in the future.
“We have to have open lines of communication so misinformation can be avoided.”
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