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African Student pursues Masters Degree at PNG University of Technology

PNG University of Technology (PNGUoT) in Lae has enrolled for the first time a master’s student from the African continent.

Puso Sezuka said she will undertake studies for two years in the master’s program in Communication and Development Studies at PNGUoT.

"My study here is funded by Association for Commonwealth (ACU) through their scholarship program.

"Since PNGUoT is a member of the ACU, I chose to study here because the program offered by PNGUoT is related to my previously attained qualification of Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, majoring in History and African Languages and a Diploma in Secondary Education, majoring in the Setswana Language, the national language of Botswana and minor in Library and Information Studies," said Ms Sezuka.

She described PNG people as loving and caring after making quick friends with two of the local female post graduate colleagues on campus.

Ms Sezuka said most of the settings here reminded her of some villages back home in Botswana but PNG towns and cities are much bigger with high rise buildings and other developed infrastructures.

"I am happy to be at PNGUoT because when I noticed the advertisement online, I apply immediate with the desire to explore and experience something different from home.

"Life at home is different from here especially the food and I will be missing ‘sugam’, a staple cereal in Botswana but will depend on rice, sweet potato and other famous vegetables until I get used to local PNG food," she said.

Meanwhile, Senior Assistant Registrar Academic Gabriel Paul confirmed that Puso Sezuka from Botswana in the African continent is the first candidate from the continent to be accepted for postgraduate study program at PNGUoT.

Mr Gabriel said more than 30 applicants from around the world apply to PNGUoT annually under the ACU.

Other international students accepted recently were under the CARPIMS and BULA scholarships from Jamaica, Guyana and Haiti in the Caribbean Islands, East Timor, Solomon Islands and Fiji. Post Courier/PNG Today
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