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Vote buying during PNG Elections is a norm and it must be stopped

Vote buying during elections in Papua New Guinea has become the norm and this is a sad scenario. Comes election time and we see wealthy men and women boosted by rich political parties march the corridors of rugged terrains, deep oceans and the cities & towns  of Papua New Guinea hunting for voters, luring  them with  empty promises, proclaiming unrealistic policy platforms, declaring themselves as the saviour, the light to the darkness  and eventually buying votes  from them.  Now that elections preparations are underway one cannot ignore the act of tokenism around the country by those intending candidates.  Can we stop this? Yes We Can!!. 

After the 2012 elections, many people are now suffering because of the lack services.  One may ask where all the money go? Well, you ask yourselves? Did you sell your vote in the last election?  Your MP has to recoup all the money that he spent to buy your vote and run the campaign.  You already had the share by accepting the bribe and now your MP has no option but to get the money destined for you. So you suffer and you complain for services. 

It is time Papua New Guineans must wake up now and stop sell  their Votes.  It is our decision that will determine the development of our communities and societies.  Vote for genuine leaders but avoid those intending candidates who come with cash to buy your votes.  

Letter by : Jasmine Kaur, Toorak, Suva, Fiji Islands.
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