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Australia-PNG Trade vital, says PM O'Neill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said trading relation between Australia and PNG is a very vital link which has benefited both states significantly. He made the remarks during the joint press conference with his counterpart from Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
Prime Minister O’Neill also welcomed the support of the Australian government towards the APEC Summit which will be held next year saying security is vital and Australia will be assisting both discipline forces in the country for security purposes. He said security is a priority as world leaders will be attending the summit.

He further stated that over 200 APEC meeting has been held in the country to prepare for the event in which he gave the assurance that the summit will be safe and comfortable for delegations of participating countries.
Australian government also pledge their assistance towards the upcoming general election. Prime Minister O’Neil said they will be assisting mostly in providing logistics support and also act as international observers during the election.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the relationship between the two countries goes back to history which fundamentally connects the two states by brink of common interest.
Prime Minister Turnbull said more than 5000 Australian companies are operating in the country and are investing enormously to the country’s economy. He further stated that economic partnership is a priority in which the two states are looking forward for more discussion.

Manus Asylum Processing Centre, Trading Investment, and National Election and also the APEC event were keys issues discussed during the Australian Prime Minister visit.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has expressed his thank you to his counterpart for his short visit in the country. PNGFM
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